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By dschumann1
I found these lures in my dads fishing stuff. I’m trying to figure out if any of them are special or if their just old lures. Thanks for the help. Image

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By YakRunabout
I think you have something special there - some great looking old lures!!
A couple with the corset too tight, some zebras, a couple of mohawks and one that resembles the muppet Beaker!
Good stuff!
Take 'em to the fishing show - see what you can catch!
By Tombo
I found a couple of my father's lures like you. I would up just hanging then on my pegboard.
By dschumann1
That’s probably what I will end up doing. I just think it would be interesting to find a little history about them.
By Kayak Kid
One of my elderly cousins gave me his fathers tackle box. It was filled with lures...,mostly wooden. I researched the values and found that several were highly valued collectors items, but required the original box in order to receive top value. No problem, as I was not interested in selling them.

I constructed a deep well, glass enclosed rustic picture frame on which I artistically (as directed by my wife) arranged the lures and attached them with glue. I then presented the item to my cousin and it has been on the wall of his den ever since.

The price of your father's lures cannot be measured in coin. They, are I'm quite certain, worth much more to you in other ways.
By dschumann1
That’s how I feel about the lures also. I think it would be interesting to know some history and value of the lures. Do you have a picture of the picture frame and lures.
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By TroutSupport.com
The two that look like corkies could have been made by Kelly Wiggler before they were bought out by the current owner. The name of them are right on the tip of my tongue.. then again I could be wrong there were quite a few knock offs in that category. Not too sure about the other two fat boy looking ones, they look to be from the same mfg, which is part of the reason I'm hesitant on them being from the Kelly batch but they had that look. I just never saw the fatboy version.

The black ones with the skeletal white bone pattern are just heddon Chuggers. I loved those back in the day bass fishing.
By Steve-Oreno
I collect old fishing lures, and the first row is 2 Ozark Mountain woodwalkers, a pico perch and a Ozark Mountain woodchopper. Second row: Whopper Stopper hellraiser, Heddon chugger and the 3 soft plastics are not up my alley. Third row: Pico pop and Smithwick high roller, and two more soft plastics. None have any value other than fishing, but of course they can have sentimental value. Always looking for Farmers boxed lures and Survivor boxed lures from Corpus and Beaumont. Paying Very Good Money.
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