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By da_karr
A buddy mentioned I should go fish the reef this evening and under the moon for a bit. Curious if anyone had any advice so I can stay safe and find some fish. I used to be big into kayaking and haven’t much lately.

Any advice helps,

Thanks in advance
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By Drifting Yak
Have not fished there but offer the following general thoughts.
=> The super moon tonight may cause huge tidal swings. This could create strong currents in some areas. It could also create very, very low tides in other areas. Just depends on location and timing so make sure you know what's going on in your area.
=> Would suggest you not go alone and for sure wear your PFD. Having a float plan and a VHF radio are also a good ideas. Pretty basic I know but worth mentioning.
Hope this helps.
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By TimmyT140
I used to fish there off the bank before I got my kayak. I would go somewhere else, if you plan on kayaking. There are much better spots in the area, if you have a boat.
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