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Thinking about launching at Wilson's and was wondering about navigating in the area. I don't use a GPS. I see Pink Shack Cove and Green Shack Cove on the HOOK-N-LINE chart. Are there or were there shacks there to find your way around? If I took my 12" power skiff, would Flato Cut be a good fishing spot? Also is Shamrock Island/Cove still a good spot. And Boot Cove?
Also thinking about launching my kayak at Kate's Hole, by the church. Any suggestions about there or DeadMan's Hole?

Thanks, Island Jim
The shacks are still there for navigation purposes. The waters before Pink Shack Cove and after Glen Cut are Big Skinny Cove and Little Skinny Cove; Little Skinny Cove is my favorite. The first flat to the right coming from the boat ramp on Wilson's Cut is Spanish Dagger Flats and I may be too shallow to paddle after this front.

Flato cut would be a little run, and given the shallow flats you'd have to pop out of Wilson's Cut to run to it. The flat immediately to the north of Flato is a good spot. Flats are better during the spring/summer/fall, but working the edges of the cut may produce.

I've fished Boot Cove once, so can't really comment on its productivity. It's very deep water next to shallow flats, so it's worth a shot this time of year.
Thanks, Josh. Capt. Doug Stanford, on Texas Fishing Tips, mentions Flato Cut as a good spot for black drum a lot. When it warms up a bit, I may take the skiff and explore those areas. Boot Cove and Croaker Hole also look interesting.
I hope my truck will be safe there. The only time I was at that launch, a Game Warden was parked there!
There have been break ins off and on over time. Don't leave anything in your truck and you won't get broken into. They don't want the vehicle, they just want what little items they can quickly pawn or sell on craigslist or ebay etc etc. Many guys have even gone to leaving them empty and unlocked.

I used to fish that area quite a bit.. with the low tides just fish the oil field channels. There are a couple of deeper areas of the flats north of wilsons and on regular tides this time of year they can be ok. Nothing stellar happening in that area this time of year... just some stragglers.

As far as not using a GPS... I guess you can always use your phone and google maps if you need to to make sure you get headed in the right direction, just make sure to turn off all the aps and don't let the map continue to run or it will drain your battery. Getting a low cost GPS is not that much when safety is concerned.

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