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By Ron Mc
you posted this thread on the saltwater page - is coast fishing your goal?
Most 10' kayaks seat your torso behind the center of the keel, a weight distribution necessity, where you also become a mainsail (with no jib) in coastal wind.
The solution to resulting windcock is adding a skeg. If you're not going to be in 15-kt wind, it probably won't matter.
12' kayaks overcome this problem by design.
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By Neumie
rol_holland wrote:About to invest in a new kayak....I have 2 in mind....Pelican Catch 100 or Old Town Topwater 106. Any suggestions which one is better?

As Ron mentioned, if you're going to use the kayak at the coast mostly you'll be better off with a kayak 12' or longer. But if those are your only two options transportation/storage restrictions (or maybe an Academy employee) then I'd go with the Topwater 106. Larger weight capacity, bigger front hatch, a few more features built in. Both are going to paddle with similar characteristics. The only downside is the Topwater is a little heavier.
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By Crusader
Get Pescador 12 off of Craigslist, shouldn't cost you more than $350 (typically paddle and pfd is included) -- it is an indisputable champion in "bang for a buck" category. Doesn't lose any value with time. After few years of fishing I ended up getting rid of bigger rigs and using these...
I’ve never been in either kayak you mentioned, so take this for what its worth.

Based on the specs, fishing in similar kayaks over the years and as a coastal fisherman, hands down I would say go with the Topwater...that is if money is not the primary consideration.

I’ve fished in a <10’ kayak for years. This includes BTB, mothership, bay, flats and marsh fishing. Wind, waves or chop never really bothered me. I just got tired of using a stringer and decided to go back with a larger kayak to hold a fish bag.

I now primarily use the Old Town Predator PDL and personally feel it’s in a league of it’s own. If the Topwater is only half as good, it’s still a heck of a kayak. In fact, I’ve even considered selling my 10’ Native Propel pedal drive and replacing it with the Topwater.

Pedal drives add a whole new dimension to kayak fishing and make it very difficult to go back to a paddle driven yak. If you do end up with the Topwater, here are a few recommendations. If you plan to do a lot of shallow water fishing, purchase extra sheet pins, props, latches and a hull plug...keep them on board with a wrench. In addition, make sure you maintenance the drive just like you would an outboard, which needs to be flushed and cleaned after every saltwater use.

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