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By Yaklash
TexasJim wrote:I fish coastal inshore in my kayak, probably solo 80% of the time. Except for crossing navigable channels, I'm rarely in water over 4 feet. I tell my wife where I'm launching from. I told a friend yesterday, she only wants to know where to find the truck! TexasJim

This sums me up too
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By Crusader
Wag wrote:Thanks for the feedback. I'm wanting to try wading with my kayak and know that I'm increasing risk (rays, unfamiliar water, etc.) going solo. Just wondering how far off I am.

Stay away from SLP or any other area that can create strong current. Fear the current. Stick to shallow water (1-3') and there are very few real risks (aside maybe losing kayak to strong wind in winter).

There is zero risk to step on stingray in winter in galveston bay (as far as I know). I wade often and do not wear guards, shuffle your feet and your chances are next to zero (but NOT zero and I've heard it is extremely painful, turns you into crying baby that can barely crawl). Don't wade if you have any problem with immune system (diabetes, etc), lookup "Vibrio" in google.

BtB is next level in terms of risk taking. Research separately.
By Wag
Ciguatera wrote:I posted this in another thread but I'll repost here:

"One of the things that I've done to minimize some of the risk of kayaking solo is that I always carry a PLB with me (in addition to a cell phone, radio, and other safety equipment). There are a few brands out there but this is the one I have:


I bought mine for around 200 bucks when it was on sale and had a rebate and I think it is cheap insurance should something unfortunate happen."

Thanks. Never seen one of these.
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By Chubs
since we are on the topic - what is the channel on the VHF you should use to call an SOS? Do you need to go to a specific or just call for help on any channel?

As for solo fishing - I almost always fish solo cause I have no friends! :) :(
I leave my wife with a float plan and send her a screen shot of my planed spots for the day from my Google earth map. That way they would know were to start looking if I fail to return :\

Also I check in with her every so often when I'm out and about.
By Ciguatera
Channel 16 is international distress frequency.

Most kayak meetup groups i've been with have been using either channel 68 or 69 for a working freq.

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