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Subject: PACK Monthly Meeting January 15, Speaker “Mark de La Rosa”
PACK 2019 Calendar can be found at: http://packtx.org/Events.aspx

PACK Outing/Event Trip Reports:

PACK 2019 Outing/Event Trips Planned: Calendar still in development, Dates Tentative
• Jan 19, Day Trip – Dana’s Cove or Offats Bayou
• Feb 2, Day Trip - Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge
• Feb 15-17, Weekend - Nueces River / George West (White Base)
• Mar 25-27, W - Powderhorn Lake
• Mar 30, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• Apr 6, Day Trip - Keller Bay
• April 12-14, Weekend - Shoalwater
• April 26-28, Weekend - Quarantine Shoreline
• May 4, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• May 5, Day Trip - Moses Lake
• May 17-19, Weekend - Matagorda Island (WMA)
• Jun 8, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• Jun 29, Day Trip - Chocolate Bayou
• Jul 6, Day Trip – Bob Hall Pier
• Jul 13, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• Jul 28, Day Trip - Christmas Bay
• Aug 23, Day Trip – Lake Como Night Fishing
• Aug 24, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• Sept 19-21, Weekend - Port O’Conner
• Oct 5-6, Weekend - Keith Lake
• Oct 12, Lone Star Kayak Series Tournament
• Oct 12, Day Trip - Ft Anahuac
• Oct 25-27, Weekend - Panther Point
• Nov 9-10, Weekend - Texas Bayou @ Sabine Pass, TX
• Nov 14-17, Weekend - Boliver Hilton
• Dec 7, Day Trip – East Galveston Bay – Frozen Pt.
• Day Trip - Boliver
• Day Trip - Chocolate Bayou
• Day Trip - East Matagorda 3-mile Lake
• Weekend - Fence Lake

• Day Trip - Galveston Bay

PACK 2019 Speaker Lineup: Speaker Line-up Working
• Jan 15, 2019, Mark de la Rosa, MDLR Fishing
• June 18, 2019, Glenn Madden “Prof Salt”

All hands have an open invitation. PACK shares its adventures the 3rd Tuesday each month. PACK Monthly meetings are held, 6:30 PM, Trini Mendenhall (Sosa) Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, TX. We have our pre-meeting 5:30 PM at Goode Company Bar BQ, at 8911 Katy Freeway, right across from Carter Country.

Tight Lines
Ken J

For those of you that have seen Mark's videos and have been wanting to learn more about his style of fishing or just have questions in general, this meeting is the perfect time to do so. Mark is this month's guest speaker for PACK. Many of us usually meet up for the "PRE" meeting at Goode Co. BBQ to grab some food then we make our way over to the meeting to talk fishing! Come on out and check out PACK.

PS: If you have never seen Mark's videos, check them out: https://www.youtube.com/user/BulletCatcher7
Just a friendly reminder that the PACK meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday. The meeting is FREE! There is nothing to prohibit you from coming to a meeting and what better guest speaker to have than MDLR Fishing.

1) It's free
2) Get to talk about fishing and listen to fish talk
3) Great guest speaker
4) I'm not guest speaking so we will get out on time, lol
5) The BBQ is good at Goode Co. BBQ
6) Did I mention that the meetings are FREE!!
7) I can name a million more Pros so get on out to the meeting

1) There are none so get to the PACK meeting!! :)

Y'all have a great night and I will see you guys at the PACK meeting tomorrow!
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