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By Live2explore
Does anyone run either of these, and if so, have you made any improvements to them? I would also like to see some pics of yalls rigged.

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By Neumie

But in all seriousness, I do not have much experience with them, but it would be at the top of my list for a SUP which could be powered. Over on 2cool I think Yellowskeeter owns one and has powered it.
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By Chubs
I'm not sure on those - but I have watched a few Thresher Fishing videos where he's been using a fishing SUP called the "BOTE" or something like that.

My opinion of SUPs in the marsh was it wouldn't be very good, but he seems to do well enough with his setup. Though I've not seen him in high winds yet.

When I was looking at inflatables, I saw Sea Eagle makes what they call a "Fishing SUP" - looked interesting. I might have tried it with their 180 day free return trail period, but I settled on the 385FTA instead (kayak can seat more which is important to me as my kids get older). If you are interested in trying one out I'd suggest them due to the 180 day trial.
By Live2explore
I just picked up the expedition and am hoping to take it out this weekend. If not fishing, at least in the neighborhood pond to take it for a spin. Planning to fly fish off of it and just fish in general but was curious what other people do since it’s completely flat. I ordered one of the Plano bucket toppers off of Amazon to use instead of a crate, in the event I were to flip. I know there are some people down here that use them that either guide or rent them out that put a coating on the fiberglass underneath. I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find much on either of the boards.

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By Crusader
Yeah... Guys selling SUPs were investing into information campaign on various TX forums for at least a year. From my perch -- a useless toy, waste of money. But different people have different tastes... :-)
By Live2explore
Ya, my perch is viewing it alittle different. I like the toy aspect of it, that doesn’t just limit it to fishing. At 255 I can easily stand and carry my wife, son or lab. I got a good deal on mine so it was in the same price range of other yaks that I wouldn’t turn into a barge as soon as I got on it. To each their own but I also don’t see a point in buying a yak that comes decked out or rotomolded only for fishing. Some people take out more gear on their yak than I take on my boat. Then again, I only use 2 colors for plastics and 2 colors for topwaters...

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By TroutSupport.com
I tried a sup one day ... it was a very windy day. Half the time I had to paddle on my knees. I think it'd be more versatile to just get a yak you can stand up on or go all the way to a solo skiff.

That said I'd still look at a sup just to change it up, but it would be better in lighter winds... wait, what are those?
By Live2explore
Well I’ll be giving it a shot this weekend, finally. I took it out last weekend in the neighborhood lake just to see how it paddled and how sturdy it was, and was very impressed. The wind will definitely be the separating factor as I had to sit on my ice chest to be effective going into the wind but I didn’t really care. I was still going faster into the wind than I was on my old yak. Hoping I’ll be able to catch some trout or reds before that next front comes through!

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