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I tried to check the history but not finding much. Next week I'm going to Port Arthur/ Sabine area for work. In the evening I wanted to see if there are any good places to fish from - either wade, or shore based accessible by truck.

Not going to bring my kayak cause I don't want to be know as that out of town guy who parked at the refinery with a yak strapped to their roof :D

I'd prefer to just fish with lures and cut bait since time is going to be limited and I don't want to mess with live bait.
Pleasure Island, either north or South Levee is a good spot for bank fishing. Also, in Bridge City - turn right at the first stop light and keep straight, there's a nice long canal to fish.

Be advised that the water in this area is pretty much all fresh right now.

Thanks so much, everyone! Very helpful.

Thanks for sharing Justin!

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