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I live in Houston. I’ve fished Freeport/chocolate bayou/west bay quite a bit in the past year, but I would like to take a two day trip and explore, possibly drive a little further south than usual for this trip. Any advice on places to camp with kayak launches with bay access as well as beach access for surf fishing? Trying to pack in as much fishing as possible on this trip. Basically anything east matagorda down. What are my best options?

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By Tombo
Welcome to TKF. One word comes to mind, PACK. Stands for Paddling Anglers in Canoe's and Kayaks. Find their website as they should have a calendar of events.
Others might chime in on advice.
Mullet Key wrote:What did you decide to do?

I went to hog island east matagorda and camped on the beach Monday-Wednesday. 20 mph+ north winds Monday and Tuesday and 20 mph+ east winds Wednesday morning. Couldn’t get a cast right or paddle for that matter. Just caught whiting and gafftop in the surf. Wish the wind would’ve cooperated a little more but either way I had a good time.

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