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By ben_beyer
I have been slowly adding to my Saltwater lure collection and I was wondering what line everyone uses for PB Fat Boys and Topwater Lures?

I currently have my Topwater/Fat Boy rod setup with mono-filament since it floats but I've been thinking that maybe I should go with braid or co-poly.

Also do you change leaders when you switch from Fat Boys to Topwaters or just use the same leader?
My main lines are all 30 lb braid. I tie a 36"-48" piece of mono using a blood knot to attach the lines and use a Mirrorlure knot on the lure to let it's action work best. use this for all tops. Straight braid when dragging jigs and spinners.
Ultrastealth wrote:For throwing corkies, I think that you really need braid with a fluorocarbon leader. You will be working it slow, the bite is subtle in winter, and you need to feel it.

I would agree. I would also add that the only kind of fishing that I have ever heard where one might have a different line is topwater fishing. That came years ago from Hank Parker. He liked the line stretch and lack of feel to prevent him from setting the hook prematurely.

I use the same braid on all my reels and for all kinds of fishing. 30# Windtamer. Then I have a leader line tied onto that. It is usually 25# fluorocarbon, but keep some mono in the bag for really clear water like LLM.
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By Neumie
I throw P-Line CX Premium copolymer on my two baitcaster setups, which doesn't have nearly as much stretch as mono. I use it year round for throwing all types of lures and really like it for topwaters.

Braid and a leader is probably the most common setup for Fatboys/corkies, but I'm lazy and don't like swapping line just for one style of fishing. I also hate braid for topwater fishing, even with a leader. Use the FG knot for connecting the leader.
Ultrastealth wrote:For throwing corkies, I think that you really need braid with a fluorocarbon leader. You will be working it slow, the bite is subtle in winter, and you need to feel it.

Cool, I didn't know if people just went with mono because of shallow water and not needing to go down very deep.

I have a 6' 6" rod MH/F rod that I was going to use for topwaters and I may look in to a rod to setup for corkies. I'm interested in getting one of the Lews Mach II or Crush combos to try out.
Suspending plug
I agree with the above... braid for any suspending plug is almost a must. it's doable with mono, but very hard. In order to fish a suspending bait effectively with mono it has to be new and supple. Otherwise the coils you get (we call line memory) will actuall pull the lure and it will cause a loss of the connection with the lure. I, like the above, use 30lb braid with various leader.. but since we're talking FatBoys, Devils, etc. I'm usually fishing for big fish so i'm typically using 20lb+ leaders and typically a high quality 100% Flourocarbon like P Line fuoro leader, Bass Pro has one, and Ande also very good Fluoro leader material (the Ande is the best value that I've found in the 100% flouro leader cat.). There are times that I use a mono leader in 17 or 20lb and that would be if I'm not looking for a big fish and only fishing around sand and grass with no obstacles. Some say that flouro sinks so it's better than mono for suspending baits.. but the truth is that the difference in density between fluorocarbon and monofilament is VERY small... I've never noticed a significant difference in sink rate while tied to a lure and working it with action. it's a tiny difference; inconsequential. I also like to tie a long leader of about 5' long the night before the trip so that the memory of the spool of leader will relax and the leader will be straight and not pull the lure. I will tie it to a fatboy and then hitch it to the reel or first guide and snug up the line with the reel handle.

Now some may disagree with the following. While you can use braid for any lure, I prefer to use mono for topwaters and I practically guarantee you'll get more strikes. But do I do it.. now, I don't have enough rods and I end up wading a lot and I'm not going to take a rod with mono and one with braid, i'm taking one rod... so I take the one with braid. The thing with topwaters and braid is that the braid transfers so much more energy to the topwater since it does not stretch. I noticed this one day when I was using braid, and a guide was using mono. Both the same lure ... he was kicking my ass. I thought through the dynamics of the situation and changed the way I was twtiching the topwater to drastically reduce the amount of vigor I was working it with. I relaxed my grip on the reel / rod, I put less movement in the tip, ect ect. almost instantly I started increasing my topwater strike rate... it was eye opening. So if you are going to fish with braid as a main line.. be cognizant of this while working topwaters and just put less energy into it.. the fish are looking for an injured baitfish and less energy is better with tops.. all fish like an easy meal. I think this year I may string up a topwater rod with mono and go ahead and bring it with me on wades and in the boat. crazy huh. It will be strung with 12lb P Line.
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