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By CBYak
Well as the weather and water is starting to warm up Im thinking about getting back out on the yak. However I dont know too much about where to go/what to use during the spring. I mostly fish around POC/Seadrift area, any tips?
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By Yaklash
It depends somewhat on what species you want. Reds and trout have different patterns throughout the year. Yes, they can often be caught in the same areas, because no matter what else, they both need to eat and will follow the bait. But in the transition to spring, trout and reds take fairly different tracks. Whereas reds are more temperature tolerant and will follow bait almost anywhere, trout have a more limited range. They can't handle temps as low as a red can (limits where they stack up in winter), so where they are coming from leading to spring is a little more predictable - they winter in deeper water near structure, usually deep mid-bay shell reefs, but other places as well. The trout spawn is basically ongoing from May-September. During those months, females of breeding age will rarely go very far from a good spawning location. When they are ready to spew some eggs, they'll go to the structure where the males are. Once they are done, they'll range out away from that area to be near bait. A good spawning location needs salinity and tidal movement. Structure is also a good indicator.

I would also suggest, if you have the means, that you look into the Troutsupport DVDs. Volumes of information in a clear and concise format that will teach you so much more than I have typed above.
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By TroutSupport.com
Great info above from YakLash. as far as what to throw, match the hatch... but.... you don't have to cast a 3/4 inch long glass minnow or dime sized shad. Matching the hatch for me is more about characteristics of bait.. for example.. in the spring there are a lot of fin fish.. so I'll throw paddle tails or eel like rat tails, and less shrimp versions unless Im targeting fish that are keying on the shrimp movement during the spring. I'll also downsize a little but matching it perfectly is not necessary. So I'll use little johns and suspending baits... if I need a weedless presentation that's when I'll use my TroutSupport Lure.. it's surprisingly effective in the spring when trout will hit a topwater but either is not opening its mouth enough due to eating tiny bait or used to striking at clouds of little bait.. either way I've found better hook up ratio with plastics and suspending baits like mirrodines, catch 2000, original corkies, and TSL. for plastics the little john and the smaller DSL are both good. I will still occasionally throw a topwater even up to a super spook... but I'll mostly use it as a search lure to draw out a strike then I'll switch to a subsurface lure. Also another way to work your plastics during this time is using a mauler style click cork.. I like the cigar shape for it's reduced effort it takes, plus it suspends the plastic in the water and presents it very naturally. Hope this adds to what Andy was saying above both location and what you use are important... Location and finding the fish is more important, than what to throw though.
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By Zackthefisherman
I have a similar question and instead of starting a new thread I'll add it here. This time of year can I expect the Redfish to be up on the flats? Last year I made the effort to fish the coast at least once a month May-October. I mainly focused on the Brown and Root/Lighthouse lakes area in Aransas Pass, and I figured out the Redfish pretty well. I'm hoping to make it down there next week for spring break, but I've never fished the coast this early in the year. I'm wondering if I can find them in similar spots or do I need to completely change my tactics?
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By Cuervo Jones
The reds are up on flats. They like the warm afternoon sun. In fact, they’re prone to do that all year round. I was seeing them during postfrontal days in January. Just go fishing and keep your eyes and ears open.

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By Zackthefisherman
Thanks, Cuervo. My dad, brother, and I made a day trip to Aransas pass yesterday. We covered a lot of water and were able to pick up a few fish here and there. I bet the fishing would have been better in the afternoon as the flats warmed up but we had to leave before that. All in all, it was great to be back on the coast with good company.

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