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I try to do a 3-4 day trip in late October every year, but my location is set based on the location of the fish camp, between Port O'Connor and Seadrift. It is a great place to fish, especially that time of year (Shoalwater Bay and The Lagoon can be kayak anglers paradise), but there are not a lot of "things to do for the family."

For the multi-purpose trip, you are probably better off in Port A, with a great beach and a lot of marsh and great paddling trails nearby. Galveston could be another option. While its beaches aren't nearly as nice as Mustang Island, it has many things that no other coastal city in Texas can match with its shopping, restaurants, historic district (mansions) and then there's Schlitterbahn Galveston.
We have gone to Port Aransas in the past and we were going to do it late September last year but Harvey changed those plans for us. I also looked at the Rockport/City By The Sea area recently.

I also need to find another good launch site other than Wilson's cut since I learned the one used by kayakers is now closed off and I haven't heard good things about the boat launch there.

I have looked at the Google Maps link (https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?ll ... jdG5uojp7k) but I also need something relatively "safe."

Last year I was out in Wilson's cut alone and I felt fine given that I could see on the map that I could stand in most of it and there were a LOT of people out there. But since I won't have a buddy, I may be out alone.
You can still do Port A, just take ferry over lots of places to kayak along the 361 shore, Lighthouse lake Brown and Root, Stedmens, Redfish bay to name a few...Usually lots of Kayaks on the water too.....Good luck were ever you end up

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I agree, great time to be on the grass flats. POC is great for a yak due to all the marsh and islands that afford you wind protection.. granted you can find that in Port A as well. Are you concerned with having night live or a beach walk with the wife? if so, then Port A might be a better option.. but if all your interested in is the fishing and outdoor beauty, then POC.

Thanks so much, everyone! Very helpful.

Thanks for sharing Justin!

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