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By krfish
I know the Park is still closed from Harvey, but I'm hoping to make a trip once the park opens. I'm mostly interested in the paddle trails. Has anyone ever paddled them or stayed in the park?

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By Neumie
Haven't stayed there nor have a I paddled the trail in one go, but I have paddled it in pieces. It's OK as trail. The more interesting part is from Wilson's Cut north to Island Moorings since you're not paddling in Corpus Christi Bay as much.
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By GoDoe
I have not stayed there either but I have fished all along what is called the trail. There are very few markers, like 3 of them, and you won't be able to follow any kind of real trail.

I have fished all the way from Fish Pass to The Corpus Christi Ship Channel and I think I saw three markers. Fishing can be hit or miss, like everywhere else. It's not like the area at Lighthouse Trails. It is relly just a long span of shore along the backside of Mustang Island. it has to be 10-15 from the Ship Channel to Fish Pass with only a few places to put in and take out.

I am Solo skiffing so the distance is doable.
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By krfish
Thanks for the advice! I was looking into the wilsons cut area as well. Gonna give it a go one of these days.

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