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By Taylor202
I am sure this has been asked a few times, let me give you guys my details and see what we can come up with.

I fish a little bit of everything, bays, btb, lakes, and rivers. I am 6'2 220lbs.

I travel a lot with my wife and we pull our bumper pull trailer so I will need a roof rack or bed rack for my truck (f250) to transport the yak when we go on trips, if the camper isn't there I will use a hitch extender.

I can imagine loading either one of these on top of a truck roof rack is going to suck and definitely be a two person job. Unless I get crafty I doubt I can lift either up there solo since my truck is pretty tall.

I like the idea of the PA 14 having some extra room and a tad more width, but I don't want to have something that is a pain in the ass to transport.

My old yak is a Jackson Cuda 12 and I can load that thing easily solo, but it is also only 75lbs, the PA 14 is nearly double that.

Decisions decisions.
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By kickingback
The pa 14 weighs 120.5 lbs empty. The PA 12 weighs 105 lbs empty. These are specs I just looked up. So to me the PA 14 is the choice hands down. Love my PA 14. It's a 2011 but still kicks arse. The 12 may be a bit cheaper but you will be happy with the 14 IMHO.
Look up YouTube videos on loading PA 14 and you will find so many alternatives to help you decide how to load them for your situation.
Have fun!
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By saltykat
I've had 5 or 6 PA 14's, never even considered a 12. There isn't much difference loading them but there is fishing out of them
By Speck Tackler
I still miss all of the room the PA14 had to offer but I will not miss the weight. (downsized to an Outback) You will appreciate the extra room in the front hatch of the 14 and the weight difference is really not that much.
By Welderdude
I run the PA 12 for my fishing fun. Could use the extra room the 12 offers in the front hatch but for river fishing cant beat it. Have been on a 14, only in the salt, inshore fishing in Maui. Also used the 17 there. Both seemed extremely stable, but the wind caught each of them even more that it seems to affect the 12. As for loading on a truck, I have a long bed Dodge, with a rack I built for the front and back. I slide the PA to the front of the bed, then pick the front up and ease it onto the rack. Then I go to the back of the truck and grab the rear handle, go up and to the front, then swing it onto the rack and pull it back about a foot. Works like a charm

what system are you fishing?

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