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By texnomad
In the past life around Galveston I was successful with DOA Shrimp a lot. Around the Rockport/AP area I am not doing any good year round with DOA Shrimp. Been fishing 3" and 4'" in most colors under popping cork and basically freelining. Not hurting for fish since other lures are doing just fine. Anyone got any ideas of something special about this area?
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By TexasJim
My first years back in Texas, I caught more fish on a white/pink tail DOA shrimp than anything else. But recently, I haven't had a hit on one. I bought a couple of VuDu shrimp lures, which looked super, but never caught anything on one, and then, they "reacted" with my other plastics, and they melted in my box.

A few days back, someone was raving about the TKO Shrimp lures. I haven't tried them. Neumie has always sworn by the DOA shrimp lures. I'm beginning to believe the folks that say "the season following a hurricane is not normal".

Last Sunday, after not getting a bite in Lighthouse Lakes, the wind got up and I paddled back across the Shrimpboat Channel, and guys were catching slot+ size Reds and some Big Uglys off the beach , on clams(mussels) they had dug out of the mud! I tried that, but couldn't get my casts out into the channel. Oh, well.

Catch 'em up! TexasJim
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By Neumie
Clear/Gold Glitter, Glow/Copper Crush, or Glow should be all you really need for typical days around Rockport. I buy the kits from DOA's website, because it's cheaper and the shrimp come unrigged. When I'm drifting a flat I like to rig my shrimp backwards on 1/8 oz Owner Twistlock hooks and fish them under a H&H TKO cigar slip cork. Sightcasting I rig them like they come in the three packs.

If you're still striking out on DOA's, I've had success with the Savage Gear 3d PVC Shrimp in glow rigged as described above.
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By Neumie
TexasJim wrote:Neumie has always sworn by the DOA shrimp lures.
I don't necessarily swear by them, but I've caught a lot of fish (mostly sightcasting to reds) on them for 15 years.
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By texnomad
Ok. The colors mentioned are sitting in my tackle box in used condition, but not rigged backwards. That will be the next rigging attempt. Thank you.
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By texnomad
That has been popular this winter time. Others have had decent luck on that color but not me. It might be my body odor getting on the lure!
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