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By bikesnfire737
How's is going? My name's Aaron. I'm a long time lurker out of SA. I was planning on heading down for the cleanup this year and wanted to see if anybody from TKF was planning on going as well. I'd always wanted to go but I always seem to miss it due to work. So how about it? Anyone going?

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By Tombo
I will have about a 75% chance to be there. Look for an all yellow Jeep TJ hardtop. Its a good thing to do and lots of good folks cleaning our beaches.
Last year I had three students as passengers. Good kids volunteering, renews our faith in the next generation.
Only change to this pic are different wheels.
By bikesnfire737
That's great Tombo. I'll look for your Jeep. I'll be rolling in a little grey ranger with the Yellow Viking hanging out the rear all hilarious like.

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