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Subject: PACK Monthly Meeting February 20, Speaker “Captain Steve Soule”
PACK 2018 Calendar can be found at: http://packtx.org/Events.aspx

PACK Outing/Event Trip Reports:
• Feb 04, 2018, Day Trip – Smith Po9nt Marsh Scouting Trip

PACK 2017 Outing/Event Trips Planned: Calendar still in development, Dates Tentative
• Date Pending, Weekend – George West / Salt Branch / White Bass
• Mar 16-18, Weekend – East Matagorda Primitive Camping
• Mar 25, Day Trip – Lake Somerville – Crappie
• Apr 07, Day Trip – Liberty Tx - Crappie Fishing
• Apr 13-15, Weekend – Shoalwater Bay
• May 04-06, Weekend – Matagorda Island NWR
• Jun 03-06, Weekday - 4 Days in Cocodrie, LA
• Aug 02, Day Trip – Lake Como or Galveston “Night Fishing”
• Oct 26-28, Weekend – Panther Point

PACK 2016 Speaker Lineup:
• Feb 20, 2018, Captain Steve Soule
• Mar 20, 2018, Glen Sutton – TPWD
• Apr 17, 2018, Glenn Madden “Prof Salt”
• May 15, 2018, Kendal Larson – Outdoor Photography
• Jun 20, 2018 - Richard Zewe - PACK / 20-year look back

All hands have an open invitation. PACK shares its adventures the 3rd Tuesday each month. PACK Monthly meetings are held, 6:30 PM, Trini Mendenhall (Sosa) Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, TX. We have our pre-meeting 5:30 PM at Goode Company Bar BQ, at 8911 Katy Freeway, right across from Carter Country.

Tight Lines
Ken J
I'll be there. :)

For people that are looking for a fishing organization to be a part of that is well established, PACK is it!! These guys run great meetings and every month is a different guest speaker. The meetings are absolutely FREE!! A free meeting and you get to sit and listen to guest speakers talk about fishing tactics, sounds like a perfect plan to me and it's a way to get out of the house, lol. Also, PACK has many fishing outings. Check out their web address by clicking on the events tab to see all the trips we take. There is constantly new trips being added each month. There is a great variety of different types of fishing in PACK and everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help new-comers. Come to the meetings and check things out! Cya on Tuesday!!
That was a good meeting. Was good to meet a few of yall. Wish I had stuck around at the end to say hi to Steve and chat a bit more but was past my bedtime.

I'm the blonde guy with the red heritage kayak :)

Hope to make the next meeting. Enjoyed it.

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