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By RedsOnRiot
Anybody driven down the beach at Sargent towards Cedar Lakes recently? I have a 4x4 Silverado, just curious as to what the conditions are like and if Cedar Lakes is accessible from that direction after Harvey.
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By Mulligan
We went down to Sargent this past SB Sunday. Didn't drive toward Cedar Lakes, but we went west after the bridge towards the cut and hit the bay side. Surf was 2-3 ft whitcap at the cut entrance and all along the gulf so that was a no go. No issues with driving on the beach to that cut. I'd imagine route towards Cedar lake isn't that much different. We did drive approx. 3 miles east towards Cedar to check out a beach house and the beach looked pretty good without much debris other than what's piled up on top of the granite seawall. Debris looks typical of any unmaintained beach.

I did manage to catch 3 reds, 2 keepers, where I found mud/shell bottom. But there were no signs of bait. Did see fish busting the top, but again, I couldn't see any bait movement even at the top where they were busting.

Maybe next time I'll have to try Cedar Lake side.

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