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By Mac1109
FNG here, just wanted to introduce myself. Just moved to the San Leon area from Pensacola. Been yak fishing for about 6 years. Cant wait to learn the area. Any tips//local knowledge you feel like sharing would be appreciated. I tried to post a pic of the yak you'll see me in, but, guess there"s a learning curve.
. If ya see me out there, give me a shout. See ya on the water.
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By TroutSupport.com
Welcome aboard brotha...

San Leon shoreline could be good right now.. We're in a deep winter pattern though. Be safe on the water in our deep texas bays.. I know you know what you're doing but we have kayakers lost every winter going out during a cold front... our bays get rough in the winter and spring winds for sure.

Holla if you have any questions about converting your florida Knowledge to Texas Results.
By Mac1109
Gracias and Yea, safety first and always. I appreciate it. BTW, I've had your DVD for some time now. Thanks for that too.
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By Yaklash
Welcome aboard. Don't let the lack of water clarity get you down. The Galveston Bay System is a very fertile and productive bevy of fishing grounds.
By Tombo
Since expanding my fishing to the Galveston area with its off color water, I have become a better fisherman by learning where fish are as opposed to seeing them.
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