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By Yaklash
Different forms of fishing - different corks.

If I am drift fishing for trout, I'll use an oval shaped weighted clicker cork (cork slides on a wire with beads). I get casting distance and a good "pop" with as little effort as possible.

For live bait fishing or imitation shrimp, I like the Mansfield Maulers in as small a size as I can find. The things barely stay above water, which is what I want. Years of live bait fishing the jetties taught me that when trout take a bait hanging from a cork and feel resistance, they tend to spit the bait. A large buoyant cork offers enough resistance that we'd miss a lot of trout. This had us free-lining more than cork fishing, but you get a lot of hang-ups free-lining. And then a famous jetty guru guide told us to use the Maulers and the catch ratio went up noticeably.

I used to use Maulers to fish soft plastics over heavy grass in the LLM (what they were invented for), but now that I have my TSL Grasswalkers, I'm good.
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By Ron Mc
we use 3" mansfield maulers for pier fishing with live shrimp, a 4' leader and 1/0 kahle hook, UL tackle (the smaller the shrimp, the better). No question when you get a strike.
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By TexasJim
Hey, all: That's what is really great about this Forum; Many guys out there have a lot of knowledge about a lot of things, and they're willing to share with us all! Thanks to everyone.

By Tombo
That's it. Drawback for me was getting tangled around my fishing rod and knots around the top eye. This rig does cast a long way.
By bing
i use many
different pop/slurp sounds, different weight for wind/wave conditions, one with lots of clicks
and a silent slider to flip the lure without moving the cork cuz it has a back slide weight.

if you cant call the fish to the bait/lure .. it's just a float
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By Salaqua
"The Inticer", assuming only one company makes a popping cork with that name is made by MidCoast Products. I use the "Evolution" model by them. It launches a mile and makes a very nice pop and splash.

The Woodie Cork, which I have used on a few occasions, did not seem to offer as nice of a sound.

Both of these products I have purchased in Victoria at The Tackle Box.
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