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By Chubs
Cuervo Jones wrote:Sounds like you had a great day. I use a similar rod holder setup in my paddle yak. The other thing I do is lay the rod across my lap and brace the butt under my leg. Faster response time. Typically a red will grab and just hold on. The rod arcs into a nice bend and you’re all good to set the hook and reel. Trout seem to prefer a cocahoe not touching bottom, while the reds like it to tap along the mud (but not always). Pro tip: also try a Mann’s baby 1 minus wakebait.

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That's a good idea, would give some feedback as well from vibrations and such. Might make out difficulty to paddle so probably try it once I get closer to a spot.

I've got one of those mann's too. Didn't think to try trolling it.
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By Dandydon
I second Saltykat’s emotion. Many times he & I hammered big Winter trout over “structure” trolling those beloved Tsunami Corky “Redfish pattern” knock/offs. Sometimes we’d pedal around over an hour to find ‘em, but once found, we’d pound ‘em. Salty would often throw out a red bouy float to mark the kill zone. Somehow we almost always limited out! I miss you, Admiral Kat.
At least cone back for a dang fishing visit. Over and out.

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By Chubs
Wanted to dredge this up again.

I generally have 1 rod at a time rigged up with a jighead and plastic. That's also my preferred trolling bait. Problem comes with varying water columns. 1/4 oz is great for 3' water; but going deeper I want to swap to 3/8oz.

So crazy question - anyone tried and had success trolling a Carolina rig with 1/4 oz lead egg sinker above a swivel with a soft plastic on a weightless or 1/16 oz swim bait hook tied behind?

I didn't want to tie a 1/4 oz jighead due to if I add on a cork to fish the topwater, a 1/4oz jighead might look a little weird dangling below.

This is all in effort to save me time retying rigs as the water depth changes :)
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