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Subject: Rescheduled PACK Monthly Meeting January 23, Speaker “Dave Roberts” – Evening topic “Great Kayak Roadtrip”

PACK 2018 Calendar can be found at: http://packtx.org/Events.aspx

PACK Outing/Event Trip Reports:
• Pending

PACK 2017 Outing/Event Trips Planned: Calendar still in development

PACK 2016 Speaker Lineup:
• Jan 16, 2018, Dave Roberts – Kayak Fishing Chronicles in the Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine
• Mar 20, 2018, Glen Sutton – TPWD
• Apr 17, 2018, Glenn Madden “Prof Salt”

All hands have an open invitation. PACK shares its adventures the 3rd Tuesday each month. PACK Monthly meetings are held, 6:30 PM, Trini Mendenhall (Sosa) Community Center, 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, TX. We have our pre-meeting 5:30 PM at Goode Company Bar BQ, at 8911 Katy Freeway, right across from Carter Country.

Tight Lines
Ken J
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Sorry for derailing your post, but how long has PACK been together? My first kayak contest was put together by PACK at San Louis Pass over 15 years ago. Great bunch of folks.
Wish I could attend the meeting with Glenn Madden as your speaker. Funny thing is he lives not 35 miles from me and I have to go to Houston to watch his presentation.
Tombo, entering our 20th year! Longevity in this smart-phone age is a credit to members fishing together, planning trips, and pointing newbies in the right direction. I cannot be more proud.

Kudo’s to good people who have our six: Dean, Scott, Tom, you, Glenn, the fine people to provide the hardware as well as the know how.

Thanks to everyone. By the way, I’m hard pressed to find any ice on the roads, so come out tomorrow and join us for Bbq, fish stories, and kayak fishing. Details in Ken’s post. Chris 2018 PACK Prez
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