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By Gallonegro
Thanks for the video! I’m eager to get my hands on a couple of those reels but everywhere I look they are back ordered. Called 13 fishing today and they couldn’t give me a release date. Good video, looking forward to a follow up.
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By Jesg1224
Yes. They are hard to find. Fishing Tackle Unlimited (I-10) had some and I managed to pick one up. Tacklwharehouse has some in 6.6:1 ratio but the 7.3:1 is backordered.
By Gallonegro
SteeleKnight wrote:There’s a guy selling a 13 Concept 7.3:1 for $170 in the Corpus Christi area.

Is it new? Tackle shop or?? Any info would be great
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By Ultrastealth
I just picked one up at FTU the other day. I haven't even cast with it yet. It seemed a little loose, so I went back to FTU, and they said that that is just how they are. I'll see how it does, but I would have expected a $200 reel to be better made.
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