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34 degrees and 20+ winds are keeping me from tossing lures today.
So, I started tinkering with some old parts and came up with this reel stand.
reel stand.PNG

I've been wanting to use a reel stand when servicing my reels. I could not find any ideas on the internet. The base is a part from a shop vac that holds the filter in place. I chopped up an old pole and used the reel seat. Last is a part from an old ram mount that used to hold my cell phone.
Eventually, I will clean it up and make an awesome heavy base that will hold the parts and a tray to hold the tools and lubricants. My head is spinning with ideas!

Here's a stand I made a few years ago for my Daiwa reels. Piece of painted 2x4, a piece of broom stick raised about an inch for clearance, an old reel seat from a pole I found, a button connector that fastens fender liners to the wells, and a decal that came with my fishing pole.
diawa stand.PNG

I also cut up a broom stick and wrapped it with electrical tape to make a base to keep the reel level when resting on the box it came in. It was supposed to be something fancy but never got around to it. Now I see the acrylic reel displays from overseas so I might get those instead.
curado on the stand.PNG

curado off the stand.PNG
Keeping things organized is a struggle for me. Let’s say it doesn’t come naturally. Zip bags help me. Clear boxes are nice. I used to have a peg board wall in the old house and that was great. It was in a nice, secluded climate control room off the garage. All my fishing stuff was in there except the kayaks.

Now it’s all in the garage, the freezing cold or blazing hot garage. When I tie, I bring in a huge plastic bin full of the supplies and tools. I spend a lot of time just trying to find the right material. Maybe you could start a service organizing fishing related gear for a fee. I’ve tried to enlist my semi-OCD daughter to help me get my act together but her social calendar is too full.

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