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By screwston420
By having all my rods and reels stolen from my house they had the nerve to go through a locked gate past my dogs and take all of my stuff I'm so mad I'm shaking so yeah happy New Year everybody
I've had a couple of theft instances in my life. Creates a sick feeling in one's stomach and an unsurpassed anger. Yet, not much we can usually do about it, so the sooner you say, "Heck with it. It's only 'stuff' " and move on, the better for your well being.

And, yes, it's easier said than done.
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By Crusader
screwston420 wrote:By having all my rods and reels stolen from my house they had the nerve to go through a locked gate past my dogs and take all of my stuff

Damn, this sucks... I hope you didn't invest a fortune into those implements. You should probably consider getting better dogs, though
LOL yeah I normally my dogs are good have a pitbull Great Dane and a Belgian Malinois but with all the fireworks they were scared to death and had basically broke down our back door to get in the house while we were gone they were in the house hiding when I got home it was a two Penn Pursuit 2 reels a 6000 and a 4000 a couple ugly sticks a Daiwa rod on All Star inshore rod my Daiwa 10-foot rod a Revo baitcaster and a 13 Fishing Inception baitcaster. I'm hoping they took him to one of the pawn shops in the area I'm from northeast Houston around the Sheldon area I'm still a little upset about it but I've pretty much gotten over it I'll check around at the pawn shops tomorrow they weren't open today bought a cheap Daiwa Laguna Rod to put my Promax on picked up a little ultra light Zebco for fun and a Penn Pursuit 2 combo so I'm back in business get looking for a place to fish in the morning I've had my kayak in the back of my truck all day but haven't committed to launching it anywhere I'm sitting at Moses Lake tide gate right now but it's got a freeze thing in effect at 6 a.m. was thinking about heading down Ford Freeport or Bolivar I'm not sure maybe I'll just go home
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I live in Baytown and am currently working in the area you live (my shop is on Old 90 at the old Champion paper mill). I have several rods and a couple of spinning reels I could part with if you want them. They were my dad’s and I took them from his apartment when he passed. I’m never going to use them. They’re yours if you want them for free.

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Yep, nothing worse than a thief!
So sorry you had to be a victim of this at the beginning of the new year. I have been a victim a few times myself, it's not a good feeling at all. You feel so violated.

On a positive note, look at the offers from those here to give you some fishing equipment if you need it.
I think that is outstanding!
Sorry for your loss. Nice of others to donate to you. Well done guys!
Get yourself a home video surveillance system. It thwarts robberies WELL if you place the cameras high to not be reached by intruders but make sure they are "in sight" of anyone wanting to break in. They will see the cameras and usually leave.
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