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By Tom Baty
Hey guys, I'm hoping I can pick your brains on the clarity at Offatts Bayou. I live up in the Dallas area and freedive up here some, but have been wanting to get down to the coast and do a little snorkeling/freediving down there. I've read that Offatt's Bayou can get pretty clear in the winter. Has anybody been out that way recently to know if it is? I have Monday off, so this might be my chance to get out and do a little coastal diving.


By EasySix
I too enjoy free diving, and I live very near Galveston. I would not put even the slightest bit of faith in water clarity anywhere in this area being sufficient to have a good time free diving. The best game going in this area for free diving is taking a boat at least 10 miles off shore, maybe more, and free diving near some rigs once the water temp comes up a bit, but before it’s warm enough to be plagued by jelly fish.

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By karstopo
10 feet isn’t too bad. When there was a gas stem 1.8 miles off Surfside, we paddled out in the kayaks and I jumped in to snorkel around the surface (my bud stayed in his kayak). There’s definitely stuff to see even in average water 2 miles out. My friend has scuba dived the middle bank 8 miles off the MOB when you could see the coral from the surface, but that’s not typical conditions.


The gulf gets really clear, but the distance to it varies. This cold cloudy weather ought to kill off most of the water clouding plankton for a bit.
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By Tom Baty
Thank you for the info, guys, it's very helpful! 10-feet is pretty good vis for what I'm used to. I "dive" the Brazos below Possum Kingdom mostly, and 10 feet would be a really good day. Wheeler Branch is probably about 10-feet visit, which gives me a good reference.

Yessir, I'm prepped for the cold, have me a nice, warm wetsuit! It's not quite thick enough for the 40 degree water we can get up here, but it's good for water in the 50 degree range.

Thanks again gentlemen. If I'm able to sneak down there I'll let you know what I find.
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By Tom Baty
Crusader, I decided not to go down this weekend due to the forecast. I saw 20+ mph winds and decided that I didn't want to risk driving the 4 hours down to only get blown around in stirred-up water. If I make it down this winter I'll be sure to post if I see what any of those fish are eating!
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