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By therocket37
hey guys, coming back down to texas to kayak fish with some buddies for a couple of days. one of the areas I was thinking about trying is the old intracoastal running from the ICW into drum bay. heard it can be good this time of year during/after a cold front but never really tried it. If anyone has some experience or advice they'd want to share, that would be much appreciated. I only get down here to fish a few times a year. Was thinking about going to ANWR as well, not sure how it's been over there. Thanks for any and all feedback!
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By TroutSupport.com
I would probably hit Christmas instead.. especially between fronts with lower tides.. If the tide comes back up to normal right before the next front, then hit drum for redfish. Good luck
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By Yaklash
You might also think about Chocolate Bayou and the upper reaches of Chocolate Bay. Same general area and traditional winter holes for trout.

I haven't heard any good reports from the ANWR this year. That doesn't mean there aren't fish being caught there. A lot of shorebirds fish there and they usually aren't the social media/internet types. There are also a few people who would not tell their mother if they caught nice trout there (I am one such person). ANWR can be good, but it's just a little too far of a drive for me without some legit, current intel. Also, when the tides are low and the winds have blown a bunch of water out of there, that entire flat is 1-2 feet deep for 300+ yards from the shore. Gets pretty devoid of fish at times like that.
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By karstopo
Large swaths of Drum Bay can be a watery lifeless desert in the winter, but there might be fish near or very close to some of the deep spots like the old ICW entrances, Rattlesnake Point or maybe over by the cut to the ICW. It’s not a place I pick when the water has been chilled like it is now or stayed cold for a while.
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By Cityfisher
I have fished Drum Bay a lot almost exclusively the last 3 years. My favorite area to fish but Karstopo is right on when it gets like it is now.
Drive on up to Christmas Bay and try there. Probably somewhere you can find some deeper water is where you might find some action.

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