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By Dandydon
Shoffer, looks like you caught almost everything last year except a sunken Spanish galleon! Thanks for sharing your big "Bucket-list" fish, along w/ your Personal Best speckled trout & the smaller stuff we catch more often closer to home.
My included footage of a netted redfish & a kissable trout were icing on the cake! Here's to a solid 2018 to us & all TKFers!


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You guys look like you had a blast this last year. I am so kicking myself in the butt for not fishing with you guys at least once this last year. That is my new goal for 2018, to fish with the 2 best kayak saltwater fishing lawyers in Texas! Happy New Year to you both! See you on the water next year!
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By Dandydon
Thanks, KickingBack!
Your wise words hereby earn you one free fishing trip w/ the Fishing Attorneys LLP.
Please talk to Shoffer about timing. I'm wild 'n free with no schedule. See you on the saltwater!

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