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By siupilot
Any current intel on launch spots other than the long trek down to the water by the tide gate? The marsh near the pump station looks inviting but no parking nearby. The old dollar point marina....looks sketchy from google maps.

Thanks in advance!!
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By deleon23
No change as far as launch points goes. As for the marina, you can actually drive up to the water if you wanted to.
Dock fee is $7.00 if you want to use his launch though.
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By Yaklash
Typically, this time of year when water temps get down into the 50s, a lot of the fish in Moses head for or hang near the deep hole on the north end of the lake. Launching at the inside of the gate is an option to get to the deep hole, but I'd wait for a calm day to do it and keep in mind that a lot of power boaters are not conscientious about their wakes' effects on kayakers. That hole can be a potlicker zoo

But reds will still be ranging along shorelines in shallower water until things get really cold, like after the coming Christmas arctic front we're likely to get. There might also still be a few flounder outside the gate between there and Dollar Point.
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By screwston420
i fished off the bank at the tidal gatesthis morning caught a couple rat reds... there was SO MUCH bait fish on both sides of the gate it blew my mind.... had to be millions of mullet or w/e it was. so much bait that it was hard to get bites on artificials and i only had like 6 shad which i caught the reds on

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