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By SwampTrout
Hi all - want to get a new paddle for christmas... been using an Academy cheap-o special for the last couple of years. Based on my paddling angle and size i think i need a 230 cm paddle, but can anyone recommend some brands/models to check out? price range probably something like $100 - $250.

mainly do bay fishing. I do some long paddles but nothing extreme,

any recs much appreciated.

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By TexasJim
Swamp: Like you, I wanted to upgrade from my cheapo paddle, and wanted something light and affordable. Most of the carbon fiber ones were $200+. I did some internet research and found a guy in California that makes light paddles with 3-piece aluminum shafts, two different ABS plastic blade sizes, and in whatever blade length you want. I got a 230 cm paddle, with T-1 blades(smaller) that feathers, and it weighs only 29 ounces! It cost $113.00 plus postage. I love it, and it's tough enough to push off oyster shells.
I was sceptical. A guy used one in the Texas Water Safari, so I called him and he said it's great and he still has it. He had the larger blades, since he was racing.
The company is Pacific Designs Paddles. Google his site up and give Steve a call. I'm glad I did!
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By Ron Mc
I recommend searching for Werner closeouts.
Werner's blade shape makes up for weight, you name it. They go in and leave the water more efficiently than any other blade.
I had a top line ATO bent carbon shaft paddle when my daughter had a Werner Shuna, and when she was 15, I couldn't keep up with her until I bought myself a Werner and got my edge back.
https://www.olympicoutdoorcenter.com/pr ... yak-paddle

ACK has this paddle in glass for $275, minus TKF discount and free shipping (usually overnight in Texas)
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By karstopo
I love my Werner Carbon Camano. It’s a low entry angle paddle shape, but I just like a longer, less deep shape of blade. Those shapes seem to be easier for me to be stealthy with and to stash under the shock cord.

Werner makes a fiberglass blade, carbon shaft Camano that costs less than the full carbon.

But paddles seem to be pretty personal. Some folks like bent shaft paddles, I can’t stand them.
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By Ron Mc
in this case, we're talking an extra $100 to get a bent shaft, so I'm guessing it's not part of the discussion.
But I much prefer bent shaft. Your hands instantly grab the right spot, and it makes paddling feel more like pedaling.
My daughter is an athlete and charges at everything (probably going to win a state wrestling championship this year), she instantly took to her bent-shaft paddle. and when she was 12-y-o beat 3 grown men paddling into the wind across B&R flat.
But Werner blade is more important than bent shaft.
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By TexasJim
RealBig Reel is right. Your height, height of seat above the water and width of the kayak are important in selecting a paddle. I use a 230 cm because I'm short, my kayak is narrow and has a seat slightly lower than water level. With a wide kayak with a high seat, I'd use a 250 cm. YMMV. TexasJim
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By Ron Mc
the Werner website has a very good paddle fit guide, which includes your intended use, your height and boat width.
I'm 6'3", though all my height is in my limbs. In my narrow Tarpon, I paddle a 220.
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By karstopo
I have the 230 and 240 cm carbon Camano. I like the 240 better for my Commander 140 as I'm paddling from either the bench seat or while standing (the low seat is for resting extra rods and pliers on). The extra 10cm lets me reach out a bit more. The 230 is fine with my Tarpon that never gets used.
By Kayak Kid
I use a Warner bent shaft carbon paddle. My kayak buddies thought I was nuts for paying over 400 bucks for kayak paddle. That was fifteen years ago and I have never purchased another paddle since. Turns out that my paddle was a much less expensive purchase than those several paddles they bought over the years.

I did a lot of paddling during those 15 years. Deep water, shallow water, rocky bottomed rivers, and razor edged shell bottomed flats. Even after the untenable use I put it through, the paddle looks like new today. Up until a couple of years ago, the youngsters with their 'economy' paddles could not keep up with me on the water (brag, brag).

My suggestion is to buy the lightest carbon paddle you're budget allows. The paddle is as important as the kayak when it comes to ease and efficiency of moving through the water.
By coosmith
Werner Tybee is the best paddle I have had. Its fairly light so you can paddle some distance, has enough backbone to get you going, and is ridiculously durable. I primarily fish in the bay myself and was concerned about the fiberglass blade on oyster shell, although I did have a BB Angler Pro and it worked fine, so I wanted to go with nylon blades. I think I went the right direction for me. I don’t paddle outrageous distances, but several miles in a day is easy. The ferrule system Werner has is awesome. Hardly any wiggle in my paddle after some good use. I beat the tar out of my paddles and this one has exceeded expectations, especially for the price.

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By eightweight
I have an Aquabound "Stingray" carbon fiber paddle, 230 cm long, blade 18x6 inches, weighs 1 lb 12.75 oz. It's a "low angle" paddle with a fancy blade design. I'm 5'10", 160 lbs, and paddle a WS Tarpon 160, 28" wide, if that helps. Thought carbon fiber was expensive when I bought it, but it's worth every penny, every stroke. Have to say it's pretty tough too. I've beat the * out of it using it as a push pole on oyster bars. I keep an inexpensive aluminum paddle in the hold of my yak as backup, but I've never needed it.
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By eightweight
Kayak Kid wrote:My suggestion is to buy the lightest carbon paddle you're budget allows. The paddle is as important as the kayak when it comes to ease and efficiency of moving through the water.

good advice
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