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By Yak Dog
I know this is a kayak site and yes I’m a kayaker by heart . Just curious if anybody has used a jet ski to fish the bays , what’s the draft on one and what are your opinions.
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By Yaklash
Was a time in the early nineties when I seriously considered this. I had seen a couple of different guys in West Bay using them to get to wading spots and was wanting to expand my fishing area, as I did not have a boat. Then, we got a place in Rockport and I saw a guy down there using a plastic kayak to get to his fishing spots. I went the other way at the fork in the road.

I have not done the jet ski thing and can't give you pointers, but I know there are threads in the archives here from a few years ago that go into detail, so maybe a search would help.

My opinion is that it seems like a great way to access more territory than you can by kayak, but for an increase in price point and an increase in noise. I do not know what its like to fish from one. I don't even like to fish from a center console. I'm a wader. Also, not fond of the noise, but as long as one keeps a respectful distance, I'm good.
By Yak Dog
The main reason is to expand my fishing areas like you said . I’ll keep thinking on this one and like also said the expense is also a factor .
By Kayak Kid
Based on personal experience when coming in contact with jet skis while kayak fishing, it is difficult for me to be objective about them. I concur with an earlier post proclaiming these loud, huge waked, gasoline smelling 'boats' to be the devil's own.
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By texnomad
I have seen them in use all over the west for lake fishing. On the Columbia River in Washington and a few offshore folks around Texas and Alabama. They work well from what I have seen. I am a fellow of the attitude that the boat does not make trouble, the operator does.
By hipshot
Like any other vessel, a personal watercraft has its pros and its cons as a fishing craft. They are a great way to get to distant spots, but running them in shallow mud would be awful hard on the impeller. Not to mention what those oysters would do to that pretty fiberglass hull........ I have seen PWCs used to fish the north end of Conroe, in the stumpy areas that eat propellers. I never tried fishing from one, but for my style of fishing it would be pretty much worthless. My Soloskiff is a much better fit for me. I can see, however, where they would be a viable vessel for some fishing styles. I have heard of folks attaching an electric motor for maneuvering and positioning, but have yet to see such a critter. Be advised, unless the laws have changed it's still illegal to operate one at night, even if you outfit it with navigation lights (I have seen that). I certainly wouldn't want to be on the bay at night on one, even if it was all lit up.
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By Slayer21
I own one and it is currently for sale. I have done some fishing off of it and its ok. Mainly fished Moses across the way from Top Water Grille in San Leon. I would launch at Top Water. I would not go shallow with one. All it takes is a piece of shell or trash to wedge between the prop and wear ring and your day is pretty much done. The intercooler (supercharged model) is water cooled also and going shallow can’t be good. If your gonna stay in 3’+ water it’s not bad. I’m taking delivery of a boat in mid Jan. Image

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By F.O.C.
I would still have mine if I could use it at night. I was escorted back to the ramp one night and schooled by the lady at the game wardens office the next day.

I loved it! It was a three seater. It had rod holders, ice chest and plenty of storage. I could stand at the back corner and not even come close to tipping. Used to shoot my bow from it too. I launched that thing in the craziest places. When it was too shallow then I would hop off and walk it across. I could float in about 10 inches of water.
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By EPerez
I have a buddy that has a couple old jet skis that he has used for fishing both in some river systems and bays. He took me out once earlier this year. It seems ideal for wade fishing. It gets you to your spot fast. Relatively shallow draft for wade fishing...(we fished turtle bay so we didn't have to run through any shallow water <1' to get to good spots). And for as fast as they get you there they are good on gas.

They are pretty maneuverable so if you are getting to close to other kayakers, waders, or boaters it is because you are jerk not because of the jet ski (you don't have to operate them at full throttle).

That said when we went out the water was still pretty chilly and i was not soo proficient at riding one so i felt a little nervous. Also, as said previously you have to have them out of the water by sunset...
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By TroutSupport.com
I used to fish with one and I highly recommend it. I'd get one of the jet powered kayaks though over a jet ski.

I would consider doing it again, especially on those solo days. Fun way to fish and cover a lot more water when you make a planning mistake or just want to turn on the a/c .

If you are crafty you can build your own ice chest rack and rod holders. I did.. i think I spent about $50 and bought a used Yamaha (that's what you should get if you can if you're getting a jet ski, they have the best performance record and mine was still going strong with I got the whaler).

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