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By karstopo
ARenko wrote:
karstopo wrote:I just stay away from duck hunting zones during the season. There’s others places to fish where they aren’t allowed to hunt.
I'm not a hunter and have yet to take my kayak to the coast, but I'm hoping to in the next few weeks. I took a quick look at TPWD's website, but couldn't find any mapping of allowable or off limits areas. Where can I find this info?
The various national wildlife refuge websites should have maps that show where people can and can't hunt.

Places like Christmas bay really only get hunters early in the am and then maybe a few later towards evening. Close to towns and houses are usually safe spots to fish and avoid the duck hunters.

But I really don't know much about the areas beyond Brazoria county. The refuge maps will help identify where you can and can't up and down the coast. If you are into a specific area, just ask the forum. Someone should know.

Rivers and many creeks are usually hunter free.

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Cityfisher wrote:
bowhntr1 wrote:
Cityfisher wrote:I do my best to stay away from any humans on the water also, especially duck hunters. But one thing that had me absolutely baffled a few weekends ago, I was at Drum Bay, and you guys know where the kayak launch is I'm sure. Someone had setup and was duck hunting on that little island just 100 yards from that launch. I could not believe that they had set up so close. There were many shots fired also and by the time I came in around 1 pm I could still hear them making duck calls from there.
I don't think that is acceptable to be that close to a designated kayak launch.
Your right, those duck hunters had to be 500yds from launch ramp (I'm duck hunter and hunt that area also), they put everyone in danger being that close. I would have called GW myself, this gives good duck hunters had rep.
As hunters we habe to respect each other while out on public lands (it not your personal property)...1st come gets 1st rights...plenty of GOD creation to enjoy move on and be safe

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Yep. Check it out. This guy or guys were 170 yards away.
Duck Hunter.jpg
Those are some lazy and grossly inconsiderate duck hunters. Setting up on that island pretty much guarantees the hunters will be disturbed with every kayak that tries to launch. Setting up next to a known and marked kayak launch is just plain wrong.

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By eightweight
Kayak Kid wrote:Don't look with disdain upon the 90% of the Duck Hunters, fishermen, kayakers, and pleasure boaters because of the inappropriate, ignorant, butt heads that comprise 10% of each of those groups.

Not much we can do about it other than giving our fellow sportsmen and women the benefit of the doubt. We should display our courtesy and proper sporting manners whenever possible...,as difficult as it may be at times.

As a boy, I learned hunting and fishing was about tradition, about respect. Respect for the sport, handle your gun safely; respect for nature, poaching is bad; and most of all, respect for each other.

Many of us wait all year, for this time of year, to hunt ducks in the marsh or chase those big reds. I'm usually launching my yak way before dawn, usually with a handful of guys in camo, launching skiffs to take them out to their blinds, maybe a lucky dog in the mix.

Just last weekend, a conversation at the launch . . .

"Morning. Look's like it's going to be a good one."
"Yep. Clear skies, winds 5 to 10."
"Where you headed?"
"Up the pass. Big reds are running the cordgrass this time of year. You?"
"We'll set up in the marsh, down there."
"Yep. Have a good one."
"You too."

Can't always have that conversation, of course. But this time of year, I stay close to home water. I know it well. I know where the fish are going to be, where the ducks are, and where the guys set up their blinds. I keep a respectful distance.

Of course there is, on occasion, the idiot who sets his blind up a hundred feet from the boat launch, blasting a way at beer cans well after sunrise, or the day tripper tourist ignorantly splashing around in his brightly colored yak, no life jacket. I try not to confuse that 10% with the real sportsmen.
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By ThePopinCorkKid
Earlier this week a buddy and I were duck hunting fish pass, we set up about 5000 ft down and we had our spread out since it was dark and we were just chilling. Around 9:45 we see two pick up trucks driving on the other side. No big deal its public land they are probably going to drive by. NOPE. two old sons of guns hop out and decide to soak bait right across from our spread. we started to move around a bit so they could see us and possibly move on but that was not the case. This was only the second time my friend and I had ever hunted public land so we did not know exactly if we were in the wrong. Regardless it felt pretty dirty. Luckily we both had our kayaks so we packed up and headed to a different location. I was pretty POed so I paddled right over all their lines and gave them a mean look. We still managed to have a great time on the water. We popped a limit of red heads and a bonus bufflehead. We even got to mess around with some dinker trout and reds.

Here are two sources: Tail Tail Signs and ACK .

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