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As another cold water/weather season sets in I 'm wondering if there are suggestions for staying mostly waterproof without waders. I usually wear good breathable stockingfoot waders and a goretex wade jacket in the dead of winter and am a bit extra cautious to avoid turtles. Re- entry with full wade gear doesn't sound fun.
To avoid the bulk of full waders with wade boots etc, I'm wondering if anyone has a wade pant & wade jacket; waterproof pant with wade jacket; or some other way to stay mostly dry, warm, and safe during the colder water times. Any suggested alternatives to the breathable waders?
I just bought a pair of Frogg Togg Hellbender wading pants:

https://www.froggtoggs.com/hellbender-s ... uide-pant/

I think you can find them on sale for around $90. I have used them twice in a kayak and twice as surf waders. They work and are comfortable in both applications. You will need to layer for thermal protection (no cotton).

All in all, I would buy them again. HTH.
Have used a pair of Frogg Toggs Pilot II breathable stocking foot pants for about a year now and really like them. Have also heard good things about the Hellbenders but decided to go with the Pilot II because of the leg construction (might be all marketing but thought that the extra material in the legs would be better suited for the yak). Adding layers makes them very capable in all but the coldest of temperatures. They are also a whole lot easier to manage when mother nature calls! I usually pair them with lace up boots from Academy (add a size or two to make plenty of room for the booties) but have also used zip up neoprene shoes for colder days. I also have a variety of jackets that I wear depending on the temperature. And no matter which pair you get, make sure to research the size/fitting charts. Plenty of good information out there.

PS: I keep a Frogg Togg rain suit in my yak most of the time (Walmart has good prices on them). I bought the rain suit a size bigger so it can easily slide over whatever I'm wearing. That extra layer makes a huge difference when the nights turn colder or if the wind picks up.
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I had heard, "dress for the water, not the air" when kayaking, and thought it good advice. The water can be a good bit colder and, if you turtle, there's that frigid wind chill. Hypothermia is pretty serious. So I got a pair of NRS Hydroskin pants and shirt for just this reason. It's a lightweight neoprene, tight fitting. Reasoned it will keep me warm even if I turtle and it gets wet. And it does. Problem is, it gets warm pretty fast when you're paddling out. You're body try's to cool down by sweating, but the sweat just builds up under the neoprene, Neoprene doesn't breath. I usually overheat and have to peel off layers. I wouldn't recommend it for kayak fishing in Texas. But it is great for surf fishing in the Fall, when you're constantly in the water.

If it's in the 50's I wear breathable waders, cinched tight at the belt, maybe fleece, and a breathable rain jacket on top to cut the wind and paddle splashes. Life jacket of course. No cotton!

Less than 50, I'm not on the water.

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