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By TroutSupport.com
That's not really all that far, and redfish roam. Just really depends on how healthy you want to be. You might be getting more chemicals just from your daily water source where you live. Those tiny amounts everyday add up over time.
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By TrailChaser
The only real threat in the Lavaca Bay area is methylmercury(mehg) that may be in higher doses than normal because Alcoa was discharging about 67lbs of metal mercury(Hg) into the bay from the smelters.
From what I've heard, since the $40 million cleanup the fish in the lavaca bay are no more contaminated than your average freshwater fish in Texas. The freshwater fish are getting it from the coal power plants. It's also in the air we all breath.
I eat the fish and don't worry about it, but also only eat fish about once a month or so. If I were planning on raising a new family here(happily married with all teenagers) I would NOT let my wife eat the fish if she were pregnant or expecting to get that way in the near future. (for the sake of my children not to starve her)
Also, the more finfish the predator fish eats the more MeHg it will be contaminated with. Young fish will be less contaminated than older bigger fish. (they mainly get it from eating fish that eat algae)

Here's a pretty extreme picture for any oyster lovers out there. I for one will not be ordering oysters for a while at restaurants. These guys are harvesting them right at the boundary and looks like a couple are actually inside the zone. Seems like a really bad place to be harvesting oysters, when they were the first thing banned when the problem became evident.

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By Cuervo Jones
tastywavescoolbuzz wrote:you are in more peril by eating processed meat , sugar, weinees, and other crap mericans love to eat to get fatter.

You’re probably one of those hippies that thinks lead is bad for you and smoking causes cancer. I start my morning by huffing on my exhaust pipe like a bong and then doing a couple of shots of antifreeze. I ain’t gonna let the gummint tell ME what’s good for me!!!!

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By Kayak Kid
Alcoa point Comfort was one of my largest accounts. I saw up close what they put into those settling ponds, and, I don't trust the integrity of any settling pond. The winds are predominately from the South west which blows everything into Lava Bay that might emirate from Alcoa.

None of my business what you eat or don't eat, but since you asked, I would advise you to seek your eating fish elsewhere. Be advised, however, that I don't eat fish that is not caught South of Corpus Christi.
Am I paranoid? When it comes to what I put into my body...,you darned right I am.
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By Yaklash
I have a slightly wider "safe zone" than Kayak Kid, but I also have bodies of water from which I will not consume fish; or at least not very much or regularly. Anything north of the ICW in that bay is one such area. And I pretty much stopped eating oysters completely about 5 years ago - pollutants and bacteria being my reasons/fears.
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By larry long shadows
years ago I was talking to someone about eating fish from Galveston Bay and if they were bad for you.. he reminded me that if you look at a map of Gulf of Mex you would have to go past Yucatan and Florida peninsulas .. to get clean waters to fish.. and I think he's right... think about all the waterways that dump into the Gulf Waters from those two points
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