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By richg99
Just a comment from an old fisherman.

If they were on Amazon, even at slightly higher prices, I'd already own some.

Going to a separate site; digging out and giving them my credit card number; then waiting for mail delivery.... just isn't how I (at age 78) do things anymore. Driving to a tackle store that is nowhere near where I live, isn't going to happen, either.

The easier you make it for large numbers of people to buy ANYTHING, the more those people will buy those items. Amazon has changed the way millions of people shop. Something like 6 Billion ($6,000,000,000.00) will be spent online today. Those numbers are up 16% from last year. There is a message in that statistic.

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By TroutSupport.com
Trey Carpenter caught this trout on the pink, on his first cast after putting the TSL on and supposedly after the bite had died, and he caught this trout.

he posted it on Facebook. I've been getting a lot of other fotos from anglers really liking the bait.
Treys first cast with pink TroutSupport Lure.jpg
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By TroutSupport.com
PlumTreuse is going to be ordered from the injector.. will still probably take 2 months to get packaged though. Trying to decide on the next color.. I'm thinking it needs to be a spring color since it takes about 3 months from start to finish to approve recipes, have 10,000 inject and then package them. I might run a pole... maybe.. going to look at some options this weekend. Thinking natural color for spring and summer.
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By screwston420
TroutSupport.com wrote:THATS AWESOME!!!! Way to Go! It's been catching the bigger fish out of schools all summer, but super stoked you caught your personal best!!!

hell ya man and holy crap was it delicious lol. my wife usually cooks them up and fries them... i dont like fried fish so my last red and that trout i baked and wow the hhouse smelled awesome too. going to stock up on more of your lures after the holidays just spent too much on ps4 vr for the kids as it is and a ninja blender system for my wife LOL still need to talk her into buying me thr troutsupport dvds, but i have a feeling its gonna cost me a diamond necklace from kays lmao
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By Yaklash
Natural? Not sure if it's natural, but in the early spring, looking for big trout, I'd like something with either a black or dark green back, silver sides and a pearl belly. Basically a mullet. According to a Capt Mike Williams, a field tester for Mirrolure since the 70s, the original 808 - Black Back-Gold sides-Orange Belly - also came with silver sides. Might be something there.

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