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By 1texasaggie
Not that I should be your go-by on this, but I have used several different point of connection to these lures. I have used two different types of speed clips, a loop knot and Palomar knot. I used the Palomar that once, because I was fishing over heavy shell and I needed as strong a knot as I could get in case I needed to pull some shell up off the bottom (which I did). The Palomar knot would have limited the action of the lure if I had been walking the dog, but I was jigging it straight up and a slow, shaking descent so it was not a problem

As usual, great information...thanks!
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By LocoSeamonkey
I was fishing the canal lights the other night. I put the TSL to work and it did not disappoint. The action of the lure and how slow it can be worked, greatly aided in keeping the lure in the light longer.
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By TroutSupport.com
Right on!

While I didn't design it for the lights (I mean, who needs to specifically design a bait for the lights? ;-) the thing actually works really well there, especially if the fish are finicky or all your catching are fish on the smaller side. That bait will pull the keepers out to eat! try just a super slow straight retrieve in the lights.. they think it's a mullet trying to sneak across or lost it's school and ... well you get the picture.

try it on the flats for reds and trout there too, but getting used to it in the lights is a good plan as well.

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By LocoSeamonkey
I forgot to add that I did land the bigger fish of the night on the TSL. I was also using Chickenboy's Bubba Clucker in the clear with gold or silver glitter and those were doing well too but they are a smaller bait and I was catching some undersized fish with that. Everything that I caught on the TSL was a keeper and in the 18 to 22 inch range. I was using the bone diamond color TSL.
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By crusher
I found the trout back in January with the white/bone colored TSL in a gut draining pretty clear water from a marsh lake during outgoing tide. Worked it slow near the bottom with just some occasional soft twitches. I think it was a couple 15"ish and a 22" all from the one gut maybe 3 feet deep or so. For the situation, it was the perfect bait.
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