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I'm going to start holding some casting clinics between now and next summer. What these will entail will be increasing your cast distance with both casting reels and spinning reels, and improving casting accuracy as well. What my promise to you is that you'll increase your cast distance some 10-15 yards and also learn some things that will make you more accurate as well.

When.. don't know yet, hunting season starts Sept 1 and most of us are four season outdoorsmen and women, although I love fishing when every body goes hunting ;-) I'll do several so we can get everyone one in. You post up where you'd like to have one and help me start thinking about where specifically we can hold these.... like an empty softball feild in San Antonio that's centrally located. I might do one on the water as well, will be trying to make it where as many people as possible can come.

You guys start posting up where you want them to happen and I'll make it happen. Probably need about 25-30 people for it to happen in each location.

Casting distance can increase your catch by covering more water from a specific spot. It allows you to reach out to deeper water, hit an isolated grass patch from where you are while you're further away from that spot and that keeps spooking fish to a minimum. Mid range and larger trout can be really spooky in waste deep water, dinks - not so much. It also gives you the opportunity to reach to that red that you just saw blowup in the grass just passed your normal range.

Casting accuracy is very important as well.. which one is more important is more a factor of where you are fishing and what type of structure you are fishing. If you're fishing potholes, sight-casting, or trying to hit small isolated grass patches then accuracy is more important. If you are wading a drop off or in your kayak fishing over a large scattered shell flat then casting distance becomes more important. You don't have to cast 45 yards to be effective. That's a super long cast with an inshore bait-caster.. possibly 60yards is tops with a 20 mph wind at your back. But what ever you're level is getting a little more will help you become more confident and actually help your accuracy as well. I think I can increase each persons cast distance probably 10-20 yards, also reduce your backlash occurrences, and make you more accurate as well.

I'll be unavailable Oct 1 - mid November due to seasonal allergies and traveling.. but outside of that we can probably schedule something. I'm thinking of doing these free but with some deposit like $25. I'm not driving 3 hours to have a bunch of no- shows.. but I can refund deposits to those that do show; so it will be free for those that show up. I would say it may be close to 1 hour to up to 2 hours long. somewhere for lunch after and talk fishing then. Maybe go You can bring any brand and model reel / rod you like. I'll bring my Lews, but I'll cover adjusting all the brands so you can get the most out of them.

So let me know where you want them and throw up any other ideas you have, I'm totally open.
I propose you give a casting (and catching) clinic wading thigh deep (to me) in the LLM, throwing those weedless baits over grass beds and potholes :D My $25 check is in the mail

But seriously, if you end up doing one in Houston, I would gladly show up. Even Austin could be good for me - lots of friends and family there.
Well, I guess Weatherford Texas isn't quite big enough for a clinic. I'd go to one in Austin if there is enough advance notice. Like to bring my son so weekend would be best.

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I am down for a houston/galveston area casting clinic! I feel I am above average when it comes to casting and accuracy but I am always looking to improve. Additionally, meeting you in person after you've helped me so much will be a delight. Thought about football fields? That way we have 5 yard markers to track distance?
For sure.. yeah most of all of you are casting good and some are knocking it into the upper deck already.

Thanks mmwaggie, will be good time for sure.

I'll start looking for dates maybe the weekend before Thanks Giving for a first one somewhere. Then maybe a weekend or two in Dec.. or should we wait until after hunting season? Start hitting it about same time as boat show and roll from there.

I'm thinking probably Saturday mornings at like 930 am till noon, then we can all go each lunch and I can speak while everybody eats... or we can all eat then talk. But we'll have to find a place where that can happen to.. not a biggie.
Hey Tobin, you still going to do this? I'd love to get more accurate with my casts from the seated position in my kayak (or any position for that matter lol).

I'd sign up, and be willing to travel to San Antonio, or if you have it here in Houston that would be even better.
Landho wrote:I’m in for a meeting in Austin. I just upgraded my equipment, but suspect that the person casting is at fault. Kind of like buying a new putter when I miss a few short ones, always blaming the equipment

I hear ya. only a small part of it is equipment. We'll cover that part but it's mostly in technique.

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