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By Michael Meyer
My wife and I moved to Corpus Christi two years ago so we wouldn't need to commute from Houston to go to our favorite fishing spots. We fish, almost exclusively, off SH 361 - South Bay, Lighthouse Lakes, Brown & Flats. Since moving to Corpus Christi, and despite spending many hours on the water, we have managed to catch a total of five slot reds and one slot speck. :(

I have determined that I do not know a damn thing about fishing. :horse: Is there a group of TKF users in this area who fish the Aransas Pass area or some type of club which might permit me and either my son or wife to tag along on a weekend fishing trip to try and learn what I am doing wrong? The downside is I cannot promise that my bad luck will not rub off. :shock: If you would like to make certain you are not personally identified with such a bad fisherman feel free to respond by PM. :roll:
By txfshrmn
Dean at Slow Ride is a great guy. Got to spend a day on the water with this guy and boy did I learn a lot. Well worth the money and I'd do it again.
By Kayak Kid
Slowride has a school on fishing that is perfect for learning much of what you need to know about fishing the area. Well worth the cost and lot's of fun to boot.
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By kickingback
I'll second the Trout Support DVD's. You will learn many tactics and know what to look for when targeting these fish. Talk to Tobin and he will help you like he has helped so many!
If you can't wait, go talk to people cleaning their fish at one of the bait stands. ASk them where and how to target down there. If you pick the brains of fishermen WITH fish they will give you the best advise. Talking to people WITH NO fish you may find you and them are in the same bag.
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