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By LiverDog
Well, I went down to AP on Friday afternoon. I hit the channel on the B&R side of the causeway. A couple of trout blow ups on my top pup is all the action that I had that night. The storm blew in at around 11:00pm and man what a show. I slept in the truck and saw the whole thing. 6:00am rolled around and found me in really high tide heading toward B&R flats. I met up with MD out on the water and we fished the drop off on our way toward the fish cut. No action except mullet. I split up from MD heading back to take a look at LHL and there was the only Tail I had seen all day. I presented my Chartruse Fire Tiger Top Dog and Wham! off to the races. 2 minutes later I neted a 23 inch red. I saw a few more Tails on the way in and casted but no luck.
I put in from the new trail head at LHL accros from marker 60. the wind had really kicked up, and boat traffic was way up. I just paddled around and hit the magrove shoreline to now avail. out of the water by 2:00pm and headed back to Austin. all in all a very fun trip.
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By Redfish 2
Hit the flat about 4 P.M Saturday--didn't see any kayakers--as much floating grass ( I assume from the storm the nite before) as I have seen on that flat for a long time. The flat and channel were pretty dead until about dusk when the tide began ripping off the flat, the shrimp started popping , the fish(reds and small trout) schooled up off the edges of the channel, and had some great action on a popper till after dark. Next morning got a couple of 18" reds before the storm hit at 9:00 A.M.--didn't see any large tailers.

The action at dusk is feast or famine--but worth a try if you are camping out--
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By popasan
LD......really nice pics......i had a buddy fishing B&R on the redfish bay shelf on saturday morning and said he talked to a couple of TKF guys (i was out of town :( ).....i wasn't sure if that was you and MD or not??.....anyway, great pics of a beautiful area......... :lol:

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By M-D
Yep, dat was us! :)

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