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By ME is Harv418
Well Either I am plain Bling, or Just a dummy, but I don't see the attachment button. Is there some sort of photo uploader to put a file from my pc onto the server?

By NoBoat
Sorry, I had the attachments disabled in the Saltwater forum for everyone except moderators and sysadmins. I have re-enabled the option. You should now see a link below the Attachement Posting Control Panel that says Add an Attachement.
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By CaptJack
ya know Harv...
that doesn't look like a sturgeon caught in the Moscow River?
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By harv418
That is a sturgeon in the Moscow River. The last time I was there, that river was froze over. Then wannabe surf fishermen were driving their LADAs out to the spot, drilling a BIG hole and sitting right there on the ice. Didn't really think I could handle all the antifreeze they used to keep from sticking to the ice. :lol:

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