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By elCompadre
Hey guys! I'm really interested in hittin' the flounder in the Corpus Christi area with a gig. I've already got my gear ready and was wondering if anyone could give me any tips regarding what time (tides, water depth, etc.) and approx where. I'm not asking anyone to give up their honey holes....general areas would be appreciated. Additionally, due to the water temp, what kind of waders would yall recommend? The hunting neoprene variety? Or the traditional fishing style? Thanks in advance for the advice and suggestions.
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By RedWolf
Not familiar enough with the waters in that area to suggest a starting point, but for gigging, I wear the Magellan Neoprene boot foot waders. Look for wadeable areas that dump to the gulf or deep water, I prefer a soft sand or slightly silty bottom.
By topnotch286
After you find a spot, follow three rules for the best success.... #1- incoming current (current and tide are two different things... look at the charts) #2 - the darker the better. Don't waste your time during a full moon. I'm not sayin it cant be done, but you'll have more success around a new moon. Or sometimes during a full moon early in the morning when the moon is low on the horizon. You want to find em bedded down, not feeding. They are much easier to stick when they are not moving around. #3 - always walk with the current to your face. Otherwise you'll be kickin up silt and won't be able to see. Good luck!
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By Yaklash
This time of year most flounder are headed out to the Gulf. You should look for a sand flat near a channel that is en route to a pass and not more than a few miles from the pass. Otherwise, you'll be looking at a lot of empty bottom. A lot of the flounder will be deeper than you can see to gig them, but some will be up in the shallows.

You don't want the strong tidal movement that you want if you're fishing with a rod and reel. They feed when the tide is moving and you want them bedded and not feeding. A little current isn't bad though. If there is current, walk into the direction of the current. That way the sand you kick up will flow behind you, so it won't cloud your view and the flounder will bed up facing into the current so you'll be approaching them from behind.
By atxfishinyota
I use to flounder gig yearly until they put up the bulk head in Port Aransas in the channle from the ferry to the CC Bay. Havent had much luck there in the past few years. The only place I have had luck is in Aransas Pass, Redfish Bay, Lighthouse lakes but had to use the kayak to get to land to gig on. GOOD LUCK
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