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By Flavio
I was wondering if there is a way to row long distance more efficiently than I'm doing now. Right now, I pull on the bottom oar and push on the top oar. Really, my arms do all the work, but I can't see any other way, unless someone has come up with an energy efficient way. Thanks.
By Guest

Do you mean row or paddle? If you mean paddle then it is best to rotate at the waist. Move your shoulders parrallel to the paddle. Elbow bending is very minimal.

When you mentioned "arms" the first thing I think of improper paddling method. I see this all the time and yes it will wear you out.

The best corelation I can think of is a boxer. Whe he throws a punch, he swivels at the waist, rotating his shoulders putting his weight behind the blow. Same thing in paddling except in reverse. I cover this in my "Kayak 4 redfish" Seminar.
East Flats - Nov 1, 2019

thanks, bro

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