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By Bayport_Bob
I know all you folks are fishing in & around Texas,but if you look East of you on occasion you may see a friend of mine being pulled your way by a beast. Here's a couple of pictures from his adventure this last Sat. morning just South of Sarasota, FL.



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By Carp
i read that post of there, i don't know how he paddled back in the 2-3 miles after fighting that fish... i would have had to rest for a couple of hours b4 trying to get back in
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By Mercy
OMG.......is that real????????
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By harv418
There are those folks that like a challenge. For me the challenge is still trying to figure out how to find and catch fish. For him, it has become how much bigger fish can I catch. There are those out in California that actually go out and search for BIG sharks in a kayak. you can check out their adventures on kayakfishing. They Are NUTS> :P
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