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By guest
Just caught a glimpse of a blonde in an Audi, top down blowing my doors off coming around a curve. Was that you?

Where was the YAK???? Just checking out Goat Hill?

Was that lake GORGEOUS this weekend or what?

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By Mercy
That was me.....checking out spots and gettin' sunburned.....lol Why didn't you honk or something???????? I had lunch at the Oasis, too....:)
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By Mercy
hmmmm....that was I or that was me.....?
By guest
Honk? Heck you were moving the other way quite fast! Those curves don't give you more than a glimpse of the oncoming cars.

Oasis for lunch,,, I had afternoon "Snacks" (ie DESERTS) at OASIS around 4pm..

Super day.

I am still hoping to make it to Medina again on the 28th. Will see, just depends.

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By Mercy
No depends! Try to make it....okay?

What dessert did you have at the Oasis? The dulce de leche cheesecake?

The lake WAS gorgeous.......:)
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By Mercy
Just to clear up a point, the top was down on the AUDI...NOT on me...:)
By guest
I had the Banana Split, Wife had the Dulce Leche, Kids had Banana Splits,

I never meant anybody had their top off.
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By Mercy
I know fryemup......I was just teasin'.....:)

Yum on the desserts. I always get the meringue (it's supposed to have less fat, fewer calories...have to fit in my 'yak). I didn't get a dessert this time, but I had a big salad and the steamed mussels.....lol...now I've gone and made myself hungry. They could feed me dirt there and I'd hardly care....I just love to sit and look at the lake! :)
By Guest
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