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By brbjr
I need suggestions on a good topwater lure to fish very thick grass with tailing reds... Second question, do you think that braided line scares them cause they can see it in shallow water, i am thinking about swithing to mono and see if it doesent scare them as easy.
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By CaptJack
The 1st thing you can do is make sure the treble hooks are turned on the lure to where two of the hooks are pointed up towards the surface and only one of the hooks is pointed down- then take your diagonal cutters and cut off the one hook that's pointed down on each treble hook.
You'll still snag some grass but it will be a whole lot less.
The next is to get the single Kahles hooks with the wire weed guards and swap them out for the treble hooks. The only problem is I've never been able to find them zinc coated or stainless so they always rust up after a trip to the salt.
..hope this helps...
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By Charlie Tuna
I fished B&R a few weekends ago and the She Dog worked well. Bear in mind this lure works in shallow water with grass on the bottom. If grass is floating I am not certain if any top water lure will work. If this is the situation I suggest going to a weedless bass asassin. This also produced on B&R.

Charlie Tuna
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By brbjr
anyong ever tried a topwater weedless frog for redfish ... I think it might work. I can hear bullfrogs out there at night...
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By brbjr
the grass is floating on top
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By harv418
Use to be, I lived and worked just so I could go fishing for bass. Take that Bass Assassin (or get you a Zoom Super Fluke) you got in your tackle box. Take that same Kahle hook, Capt. Jack was talking about, and rig that sucker texas style, with no weight. If your using a Curado SF, or some other good bait caster, you now have an assassin that with dip, dive, rise, walk. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Also, I forget who made em, but you should be able to find one of them soft plastic spooks that has a similar set up to a Scum Frog, or a Mann's Rat. Should be able to make that work.
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By GoinCoastal
I posted a question to the group regarding line not long ago. I got mixed reviews, so I did my own test. I tested pLine 12# and PowerPro 20#. I hated the braided line. It overruns on cast into the wind and I hate that grinding sound on the guides. I really really liked the pLine. I cast it all day into the wind without an overrun. It didn't break on shell. It has very little memory and a small diameter. I put the 8# test pLine on my new Shimano Sahara spinning reel and that made a sweet rig.

I am sold on pLine!!!!!!!!!! I suggest you try it.

For a topwaters over grass........... Capt Jack is right on the hooks on the plugs. Also, if you rebuild an 1/8 oz Johnson Sprite with a single weedless hook ( i tie my own weed guard and red flash tail), it makes fairly weedless spoon that is light enuf to run above the grass. Also, go steal your buzzbaits from your bass tackle box and try those. And lastly, but very effective, fish the assassin plastics as they do in freshwater with no weight and the hook set in the plastic (texas rigged). Fish it as jerkbait.

Good Luck!!!!

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By brbjr
Do they sale it at academy .. do you use the FLOROCLEAR model?
I remove all but the trailing treble hook on multiple hook plugs.

No doubt you slightly decrease your chances of catching fish by removing some of the hooks, but I think it a worthwhile tradeoff. It's my experience that the lure works just as well as with all the original hooks and the safety factor is much increased when landing the fish.
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By Blindcasting
I've used the Pline Premium for about 3 years now. I love the strength (i've never had a fish break the 12#), no-stretch and very thin diameter. However, I've had so much problem with line twist with that line on my spinning reels that I now only use it on my baitcasters. I tried swivels, split rings, applying pressure to the line every so often and I still got horrible twists and loops.

As for the leader, use flourocarbon of at least 20# test and make sure to wet your line before cinching down any knots you tie with it.
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By MarkT
Cordell's 7" Jointed Redfin catches a lot less grass than most other topwaters. I think it's head down attitude and snakey action lets it slip through floating grass.
By wetluers
Bass Pro cataloges have soft plastic, weedless topwater plugs. The large is called a Ghost and the small, Goblin. They are light, hard to walk-the-dog with, and have freshwater hardwear. Have caught some reds on them. Thought trout have hit them, the hook-up rate was poor.
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By Flavio
I agree on the cordell broken back. I sawed the lip in half so I can work in shallow water and it works great. Also, since I twitch it during retrieval, it dips under the floating grass and it's very efficient in the weedless department.
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