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Ok so back in October I posted cracks in my older x-factor. Well I got with Malibu they said it was a warranty, so I get a new 2012 model. On December 21, 2012 I receive my new x-factor, mango. A few days later I'm really looking it over and I find 3 holes. Now how upset would you guys be. Boat is brand new never been in the water. So I guess after the holidays I will see what they say.
These are not holes from shipping but from manufacturing.

So I ask what do you guys think about That!???

Nothing new. Malibu has had some serious issues with customer service and quality control in the past. I noticed a very small hole in my first x-factor that I got brand new last summer. It didnt go all the way through the plastic and looked more like an air bubble that formed during the molding process. I filled it in with marine goop and have kept an eye on it. I have two xfactors now but based on what I've seen so far I doubt if I will buy another malibu yak.
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