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By SlipKnot
Thanks for posting the pic, I've never used one, but I think my wife would use that more than her Necky kayak, I'll have to get the new gulf coast connections and find out more about this......
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By livetofish
what is/are those pad like thingies with a grid in the back of the boat?
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By Cajun Caster
It's cool, but it ain't no kayak. Looks more like a pirogue.
By Guest
The things in the back are mud shoes, kinda like snow shoes. They are great in the mud.
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By harv418
My honest opinion. There is a lot of free board which will lead to a lot of wind problems. Also, once things get rough, this thing is going to roll, just like any other, and what you are left with is one heavy item to attempt to drag out of the water. Ask Snookdude how heavy his Ride was when it filled with water. (No I am not picking on Ruben, but trying to point out how serious this situation actually is.)

In all, a decent design.

Where can I see/buy those mud shoes?
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By CaptJack
..looks like a REALLY NICE pirogue too me 8)
By Kayak Kid
Appears to be an interesting design but I must agree that it isn't a kayak.
Positives: Lots of room and looks like a comfortable boat.
Allows easy use of an electric motor.
Use of outriggers allows a stand up fly fishing mode.
Hull only at 40 lbs is light enough.

Negatives: Those high sides would put it at the mercy of our Coastal Winds.
The extras one might need for coastal fishing (pontoons, bow/
stern bulkheads, casting platform, etc.) are going
to negate any weight advantage.
The flat bottom is going to make it paddle like a bathtub
compared to a properly designed kayak hull.

Conclusion: A great little boat for a calm lake requiring short paddling
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By livetofish
If the wind is so nasty on the coast, how do the people in manage to fish out of canoes?
By Guest
Great looking boat for calm waters but I already have canoe for calm waters and yak for the coast. BTW that yak anchor hanging on the front SUCKS BIG TIME. Would not hold place in strong wind/tide two weeks ago when I was yak fishin at intersection of Espirto Santo Bay and Shoal Water Bay on the PW boat channel. Had to use my back up 10 lb dumb bell anchor which held just fine. The yak anchor will however allow for a slow drift in those conditions if that is what one wants. Tarpon :wink: :wink:
By Guest
Mud shoes can be bought at REI and I believe out of Cabelas. They are sold as snow shoes. Let me research where i saw them posted as mud walkers and I will post it,

They really do work borroes=d some one time for a duck hunting trip.
By MouletteRouge
Looks kinda like a drift boat...Yeah the mud shoes are great...I got mine from Cabela's a few years ago, and they are great for hunting in the marsh where there is a lot of floating vegetation...I have literally walked on top of some of the mats...pretty neat...They are really bad when you get them in soft clay though...they just pick up pig clods of it, making them very slippery and cumbersome...
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By CaptJack
if it was camo or OD green inside and out it would make a great duck huntin' boat 8)
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By gerald
Since I never tire of saying that there is no perfect boat...I'm gonna say it again. There is no perfect boat. That means a boat that will handle all tasks and all conditions all the time. So...I like this boat and the design concept. It seems to have good possibilities and deserves some consideration. Comments that I've seen so far have been thoughtful. This is good. As for fishing or paddling along the coast and bays...I do it in kayaks and pirogues. My pirogues have handled some very rough water. If a sit in fills with water...you bail it out. The big thing with sitins is that you need enough flotation to handle filling with water until you CAN bail it out. Anyway...I'm glad this was posted. Everything I see and hear...and try...aids in designing that "perfect boat".
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By jetty67
I like it. Kind of reminds me of a drift boat a little. I know it doesn't have the mounted oars but the hull shape. I don't think it would catch my tarpon but with a drift sock going over some oyster beds this winter it might just be the ticket.
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Man that's almost an exact duplicate of my Swamp Girl (wooden boat plans). :shock: I'm suing! :P

Specs say 10" of freeboard. Those picture must be deceiving to my eye. They look a lot higher to me.

But since it's so close to the design I have....I must say what I fine looking boat it is! :D

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