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By tentex
I know that this is early to be asking this but will Slowride be having any classes starting in Oct. of this year. We will be arriving back in Rockport on the 1st and I want to learn as much as I can about Kayaking and Salt Water fishing as this is my first Kayak. I am open as to a schedule. We will be in Rockport from Oct. 1 until March 1. Staying at Drifters Resort. I would also like to hook up with some people that don't mind questions and accompany them fishing. I can return the favor with hooking up for a weekend Trout trip on the Guadalupe River as my nephew has a guide service there.
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By slowride
never too early to start planning...

September 15–16–17 Sat Sun Mon
October 28–29–30 Sun Mon Tue
November 17–18–19 Sat Sun Mon

looking forward to meeting everyone who makes it down for some spectacular fall fishing on the most beautiful flats of texas...thanks for all the kind words and recommendations from past participants...
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By Thinwater skinner
slowride wrote:...thanks for all the kind words and recommendations from past participants...

Kind words? Must have been from the ones who made "A"!!!

Remember to take good notes, he does not give out the info twice!!! PAY ATTENTION.... It is the little stuff that will be hard to remember...
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By AginCS
I completely agree with listening carefully and also believing it, no matter how crazy it sounds. I took the class in May and got skunked during the two sessions. I even fished next to Dean for a good half hour, during which time he tutored me, gave me insight and encouragement, and caught a nice red. I was a little disappointed to not hook up with anything, but I learned a lot. I went back last month and fished the same two spots we did in class with the same lures. I ended up with 9 nice reds, a decent trout and a small needle gar (which didn't get invited into the yak), making it the best day of fishing I can remember.
By rayb
Sundance3200 wrote:Sent email today to see if there is any room left in the Oct. Class. I want to sign up for it.

Your best bet is to call, they probably get a lot of e-mails and yours could get over looked by accident.
By Luke01
Sundance3200 wrote:Sent email today to see if there is any room left in the Oct. Class. I want to sign up for it.

I will be in the Oct class. Getting down to Goose Island on the 27th and staying till the 3rd. I signed my dad and I up for the class. It something we have both wanted to do for a bit.

My goal for the class is to learn a ton and not let Slowride get a picture of me falling out of the kayak during the class. He seems to have a knack for that
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By tentex
I signed up for the class today and got the last opening. Wow I thought that I was gonna be early. Glad I called today. I can't wait as all I have heard is good things. It will be a long month. We get to Drifters Resort on the 1st of Oct. Might even get the wife to leave Tennessee early in Sept. in order to fish the Guad. See you all there. :dance:
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I saw this question (seems like just the other day, but wasn't logged in so I didn't answer then... now it is all the way to page three!!)

So appreciate the referrals and links!!

The Sept 15-17 class still has six of openings, the October class is full, and the Nov 17-19 class has five openings... it does seem early that these classes are getting full but the good stuff goes fast :D

And a disclaimer, this "class" is not about paddling skills, it's about bay fishing with a kayak.


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