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By thumpen12
I saw a Tarpon 160 with a trolling motor and thought that was a good idea. I have a few ideas of how to do it on a mainstream Kingfish, however any suggestions would help.
By BigJamie
DON't DO IT. I did it with my perception caster. Used Out rigger tubed aluminum, some C- clamps, a tin can, and an old shoe string. No I think that was a MacGyver episode. Anyway I did it. I use 2 deep cell 12volts (Motorcycle battery size) and had it rigged up nice. The problem lies in weight. Your yak may hold up to 300lbs but you don't want to paddle that weight. A trolling motor set up with batteries will add 100lbs easy. I launched from my friends house down in Tiki. Made it 2/3rds around the island, laughing at my paddling friends smoking a cig and enjoying a glass of ice tea. It was nice until I got to that last 1/3rd. The juice was gone and the laughing was over. My paddle home was about mile up wind. The other thing is when your in a yak your like a glider. It's quiet, smooth, and you can better observe the FISH. When you have a motor you move around a lot and that takes a lot away from the true experience of yaking. After about $200.00 and a long hard night on the water my recommendation NO. Go Light and Stealthy and Stay In Shape:)
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By CaptJack
from the TKF rigging page - scroll to the bottom of the page

the trolling motor you'll see on the Scrambler belongs to my best friend.
He had the same experience. The battery was good for about 2 miles and then he had a heavier yak to paddle back. He only tried it twice and never used it again.
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By Prospector
I bought the trolling motor mount for my eXtreme, but haven't installed in yet. Are those spacers (shock absorbers) under the mount. I didn't get those with my kit.
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Prospector wrote:Benny,
I bought the trolling motor mount for my eXtreme, but haven't installed in yet. Are those spacers (shock absorbers) under the mount. I didn't get those with my kit.

Those are big plastic washers that I found. I think I have some more.
I'd be happy to send you a couple.

I haven't had any problems with battery power. I use a small deep cycle and can run the motor all day.
By Guest
Tom did that article for the first board several years ago. Youkon has been gone before I ever showed up. Tom talks about is new drifter being the best kayak in the welcome that was 4 or 5 "best" kayaks ago and 3" years.

LD was talking about cleaning up the site some with revised info and put into a much cleaner and easier to read page format.
Hey Thumpen 12
There are people on this board disdain the trolling motor idea; however there quite few enjoy the benefit of easy life on the water provided by simple quiet by trolling motor. You are the one to decided if that prospect and possibility interest you. The link by Prospector cover most of it. With the trolling motor set up it offer a lot more that a lot of people think: How many of us yaking occationally (every few weeks trip to the coast) are in shape to paddle all weekend ? I can not lift my arm after one morning ! The trolling motor allowed you to fish at ease all weekend.In the spring when water start warm up and you are so eager to go fishing are also the strongest wind blow on the flat. I. Spring that mean you still go yaking instead of fishing on the bank and the yak is on the trailer.A couple of years ago, in early spring at B&R in AP I step out the yak to stress my back , step into a soft mud hole, tumbled into something get a bad cut through the shoe, bleeding bad, I tied a tournique, lean back,raise the leg up to minimized bleeding and turn the motor on high. I need 13 stiches. I would be in a lot trouble if not for the trolling motor. So safety is a main factor. If you dicided to go for it. get the Minn Kota 30# model it draw 2.4 Amp vesus 4.5 of other brand. Get the deep cycle 27 series which has 105 amp/hr full charge, you can stroll all day long. If you use a full charged battery imtermitantly it last all two days not two hours as some state. Just make sure you use the DEEP CYCLE the regular car battery will probably last two hours. The 27 serie deep cycle battery fit perfectly in the milk crate. I enjoy the heck out of the extra convinience offer by trolling motor over two years now and my wife make sure I don't leave home without it
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By hookdem
I used to own a tandem, which was a mother to paddle...thus came the trolling motor and my login name "motoryak." If youre thinkin about it, ask yourself this..."Am I going to be fishing and kayaking, or am I just kayaking to be able to go fishing?" If the answer is yes to the first question then Id go w/o the motor, but if youre kayaking just to get to where you wanna go on the water then why paddle? Just to let ya know, my tandem went for about 4hrs on a deep cycle at full throttle on a 30lb thrust minn kota....and it flew through the water...so fast I had to take off my hat

...but, be careful and figure out how long your battery-motor combo will go before you venture off too far...because being stuck out there w/ the extra luggage will be no fun at all. Go in circles in a local pond...thats how i figured out my battery went at least 4 hours....after 4 hours boredom made the experiment end.
By Guest
Off and on through the years I've used a small trollling motor on my yak, a poke boat (similar to a SINK), my canoe and a pirogue. I use a very small deep cycle battery from WalMart (Garden tractor size?) and have never had a problem with running out of juice during a full day of fishing/exploring/duck hunting. All small paddle boats respond very differently when a motor is added. They can torque when the motor is turned on, become unbalanced (kinda like carrying a heavy carryon bag on your shoulder throught the airport) as well as not turn the craft well - all dependent on the hull dimensions and mounting position of the motor. I find generally the wider the boat, the less effect on balance. I find minimal effect on my very stable and long, well tracking (ruddered) malibu extreme but a hugh amount (read unstable) on my 24" wide 10 foot pirogue. Currently I use one on my extreme for fishing creeks with current (I fish upstream, against the current) and for my 3 mile nonstop run through the marsh to my mallard hole with my disgustingly huge load of gear on board. (My gypsy kayak mobile) I do not use one for quick trips to the marsh and my early morning, quiet "soothing the spirit paddling" In summary, I have found that I have bonified uses for a trolling motor as well as times when I choose not to have one, but have not found limited battery power or additional weight to be a negative in those applications.
By Pilot
Try a Sevylor Motor. 2 speed, 8and 14 pounds thrust. Will drive a T 120

about 2,5 mph with a 23 AH Deep Cycle STOWAWAY battery from

ACADEMY. Motor at CAMP MOR $ 69.99, battery about $ 30.00.

According to Sevylor, 23 AHR will rive the motor for 1hr 50 min.

I have not run 2hrs continually, but have been out 3 1/2 hours on and off

running and fishing. By the way, that motor weighs only 5 lbs.
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By lordbater
I'm new to yak fishing, and interested in those of you who use a trolling motor. I've added the motor to my Olt Town Predator 111 with no problem, I have two of the larger batteries used for scooters for people who have trouble getting around, the motor and batteries only weigh about 60lbs and I only weigh about 110, so weight is not a problem.. I am, however, having a problem steering the yak. OT does not make a rudder system for this and I'm wondering if any of yall have made your own rudder, and if so, if you would be willing to share some ideas?

By Guest
Don't forget to register the Yak if you mount a trolling motor.
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By lordbater
Yeah, I'm aware of the registration. When did this change? I remember 10-15 years ago when I mowed lawns as a kid and got a 10' jonboat and trolling motor, registration was not required..
I'm thinking about fishing it this weekend (without motor). I'll probably go somewhere where no one can see me emberass myself..

I have a few ideas on making one also, I'll look closer at that website and see if he has any real good ideas..
I'll post pictures when I get it finished (if it looks somewhat presentable)
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