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Are you going to catch all the fish for the Medina lake THANG fish fry? You should not have any promblem with Your new rod,and tarpon. Have you had the Wizard put his rod spell on your new rod yet. I think he did on mine or something happened for I have been catching fish,or maybe its the rod Barry built its so smooth I can cast it all day without wearing out.
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By CaptJack
FLYYAK wrote:Are you going to catch all the fish for the Medina lake THANG fish fry?

Don't forget you can get a huge bag of frozen catfish fillets at Sam's for $10.
..don't have to worry about catchin enough fish to feed the hunger masses...
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I have no doubt you will become expert with all that cool equipment and remember to do like MR.Roy Williams says "don't forget to have fun"
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By Mercy
We're eatin' "Q"....NOT fish....lol
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By CaptJack
Mercy wrote:We're eatin' "Q"....NOT fish....lol

"Q" = Quiche :?:
you gotta be kinding :?:
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By Mercy
Not quiche.....bbQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ...lol

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